10 Epic Games Like A World of Keflings – Ready for Your Next Adventure?

A World of Keflings is a delightful puzzle-building game set in a whimsical environment full of characters you’ll love. It’s no wonder why it has such a devoted following. But if you’re looking for something similar, but still new and exciting, look no further. This article explores ten games like A World of Keflings that are sure to keep you entertained!

1. CastleMiner Z

CastleMiner Z is an open-world exploration game that has procedural-generated landscapes and a strong crafting system. Like A World of Keflings, it’s all about gathering resources, building structures, and completing puzzles. But the major difference between them is the more intense combat and zombie-slaying gameplay of CastleMiner Z, which adds an extra layer of challenge compared to A World of Keflings. Of course, that also means there are more rewards and a greater sense of accomplishment.

2. Dungeons & Dragons Online

Dungeons & Dragons Online brings the beloved classic tabletop RPG to the computer. You’ll choose from a variety of characters, customize your builds and skills, and go on epic adventures. Like A World of Keflings, you’ll complete puzzles and build things, but this time the puzzles come in the form of perilous dungeons and complex quest lines. This game is perfect for those who love the strategy of RPGs and the creative freedom of building games.

3. Lego Worlds

Lego Worlds is a fantastic game for fans of the classic building bricks. You’ll explore a procedurally generated Lego landscape, collect resources, and build anything you can imagine. It has a lot of similarities to A World of Keflings, only with plenty more freedom and no pressure of completing a puzzle. Plus, the vibrant art-style is sure to put a smile on your face!

4. Portal Knights

Portal Knights is a gorgeous 3D sandbox adventure that blends exploration, crafting, and combat. The similarities to A World of Keflings begin with the idea of gathering resources to build structures and progress through the world. The key difference is the fast-paced combat and the option to team up with friends to explore together. It’s a great game for those who like the challenge of RPG combat and the satisfaction of building something from scratch.

5. Terraria

Terraria is a 2D sandbox game with a vast and vibrant world. You’ll explore randomly generated caves, collect resources, build structures, and take on dangerous enemies. All this while trying to uncover the secrets of the world around you. The major difference to A World of Keflings is that everything in Terrarai is destructible and you can choose how to best tackle each challenge. But the idea of building structures to progress through the game remains.

6. Trove

Trove is a unique multiplayer sandbox that combines adventure with building elements. You’ll explore randomly generated landscapes, craft items, and build structures. You’ll also take part in incredible dungeons and challenging boss fights. Much like A World of Keflings, you’ll be able to progress through the game by building structures, but the combat portions add a whole new level of adventure.

7. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a delightful farming simulator that has you tending to your own little strip of land. You’ll grow crops, breed animals, make friends, and take on a variety of tasks. It takes many of the ideas from A World of Keflings and adds a healthy dose of farming gameplay and community building. You’ll be able to progress through the game by gathering resources and building things, but the farming elements add an extra layer of depth.

8. Roblox

Roblox is a massive online destination for gamers of all kinds. You’ll explore a wide variety of user-generated games and activities, ranging from racing to role playing to building. It has a lot of similarities to A World of Keflings, from the colorful art style to the idea of progressing through the game by building structures. But the large variety of games and activities will make sure you never run out of fun!

9. Minecraft

Minecraft is the classic sandbox game that needs no introduction. It’s the perfect game for creative minds, as you’ll explore randomly generated worlds, gather resources, craft items, and build anything you can imagine. The similarities to A World of Keflings are undeniable, but Minecraft takes them to a whole new level. The game’s endgame is all about building, giving you plenty of space to express your creative ideas and test your construction skills.

10. Slime Rancher

If you’re looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, Slime Rancher might be the game for you. You’ll play as Beatrix LeBeau, a rancher who discovers a fantastical land full of colorful slimes. You’ll explore the land, gather resources, and build your very own slime ranch. It has a lot of similarities to A World of Keflings, from the charming art style to the idea of gathering resources to progress through the game. But it also has a unique and lighthearted feel that sets it apart from other building games.


For fans of A World of Keflings, there are plenty of games to choose from. From the intense combat of CastleMiner Z to the unique and lighthearted slime ranch of Slime Rancher, these games all share the same feeling of exploration and creativity. So if you’re looking for a new building-focused game to try, you won’t have to look far!