I’m a video game addict. I will latch onto a game and obsess over it until I have exploited every possible game mechanic to play the game in the most efficient way.

When I get hooked on a game, sometimes it’s all I can think about. And if you get me talking about it, I may never shut up. I put together this website as outlet to save my loved ones from throwing me out of the house. I need a place to let it all out, and a blogging website is the perfect place to do so.

When I start to play a new game, I can almost immediately tell if I’m going to get hooked on it. When this happens, I try to avoid the internet so that I don’t spoil the experience for myself. Usually this only lasts a few days and then it spirals to a whole new level from there.

Often times, I find that a lot of information is spread out all across fifteen different forums, wikis, YouTube videos, and reddit posts. It starts to get a little ridiculous when there isn’t just one big page that outlines all of the information for people like me. This is usually one of those moments where you think to yourself and ask “Why don’t I just put it together, and then people like me will have a place like that”.

Enter GamersDigest.net

My Mission

I want to consolidate all the sporadic information and make it easy to consume for people who want to spend more time indulging in their video rather than scrounging google results for any semblance of the game data they’re looking for.

The objective that I had in mind when creating this site was simple: create a website that gamers can come to when they need help. This can be in the form of guides, cheats, tips, tricks or anything else that you can think of.

I also aim to keep all the information I provide quick and to the point. Iwant our articles to be easy to digest for the average reader, which is why I chose the name “gamersdigest” for our website. I often encounter sites that go way off on a tangent when creating guides, which is something I wanted to avoid.

What to expect on Gamersdigest

You can can expect several things from us. Firstly, Iaim to release a new post at least three times a week. These posts can cover any game. I do take suggestions, so if you want us to write about a particular game you can always contact us and let us know.

I release several different forms of content:

  • Guides
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Tier lists
  • How-to’s
  • Reviews
  • News

I’m also considering making video based content, more on that later.