Featuring 5 Best Battlefront 2 Mods That Make Everyone Love It

There are a plethora of Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Mods accessible, and most of them are downright unbelievable. Indeed, it can be a hard job to keep up with the progress of so much of those mods. A game as diverse as Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is certainly to attract a huge part of the modding community. And thus, even the greatest mods could be covered in the undertow.

At this moment, allow us to present you about the Top 5 Best Battlefront 2 Mods. They cover everything from anything and will present you with a generous amount of mods to try for yourself. After this, you’ll see why they are so sensational.

5 Best Battlefront 2 Mods

Mods could be anything. From those mods that only introduce the new character into the game. It can also be mods that extremely alter the perspective of the game. In this post, we will be going to feature everything. You can notice some of the best conversions mods and some of the smaller ones that perform themselves smoothly.

Such mods are not in order. However, we truly believe those mods are greater to others accessible within the community at the moment. Now, go ahead and look at five of our favorite Star Wars: Battlefront 2 mods.


This mod pack has been around since the year 2008,and it’s very simple to notice why this is still known to be one of the best mods for the game. You see, it has twenty-two (22) new maps together with fifty (50) added Heroes. It also has some new game mods that make it an all-around best mod for those players who wish new content from the Star Wars world.


What’s more, the Conversion Pack is a big package of added vehicles and units. It carries in 22 new maps ranging the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War eras that include the much-preferred Tatooine’s sprawling Dune Sea and Bespin platforms. More than 50 added heroes and various clone legions also join the ranks. Mods like the deathmatch as well as the astonishingly fun Order 66 – a group of clone troopers hunting down a group of Jedi – make the most of the Battlefront 2’s already excellent replayability.

The highpoint of the pack is the inclusion of the whole third era based on the legendary Knights of BioWare of the Old Republic RPG. It also comes with a set of heroes and soldiers costumed in the Old Republic gold and red or the polished red and silver of the Sith Empire.

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This mod is perfect for those gamers who love diversity. In this mod, one will be able to notice differences between single Clone Troopers which include some astonishingly detailed classes together with a few advanced troopers like the jetpacking dark trooper. Further, such troopers will utilize everything from unconventional equipment to those new rifles.


You see, clone troopers can be seen everywhere in Battlefront 2. They are all great at looking similar. Now, if you feel a bit change in the rank is only what the Republic’s zerg rush requires, you can simply get the Battlefront Extreme Mod.

This mod tosses in some good unique non-basic classes for every army as elite reveals once you gain sufficient points in the field. Moreover, officer units and Commando like the dual-wielding Captain Rex of the respected 501st and jetpacking dark trooper from the series of Dark Forces are strong options to full hero characters.

Added weapons like customized carbines and long rifles appear in loadouts, and laser behavior is somewhat changed for lowered accuracy on complete auto along with a risk of overheating.

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Did you know that the Battlefront Evolved offers huge visual improvements to the effects, textures,and models for every one of the vehicles and units in Battlefront II? This renovation carries a level of realism matchless by any other mod and is totally compatible online.


The Jedi have its own models from Jedi Academy and look that their clone troopers, actors have clear markings over sparkly armor. Aside from that, the battle droids have enhanced in details and shading as well. The graphical polish on all of such units makes this mod important for gaming at the moment.

With the Battlefront 2 unblinkingly throws swarms of soldiers into the screen, it is still a decade-old game. Colors, shader effects,and aged textures hearken back to a period when smudgy faces were DirectX-10-powered,and standard pores were but a twinkle in the eyes of Crytek. You can tell that Battlefront Evolved is no doubt your go-to graphical overhaul mod. The onlytip: just do not anticipate an ENB-like jump on the quality. Its improvements are noticeable – the Obin-Wan Kenobi and Anakin models are crucially splendid. However, they pickle the ceiling of the engine of Zero.

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Do you wish to enter another sci-fi game? Then the Mass Effect: Unification brings the locations, weapons,and races of the Mass Effect series to the Battlefront 2 in amazing fidelity. You can play on maps inspired by the games like Eden Prime, Noveria, and Virmire with more than 9 playable heroes and 25 playable units from the series.


Along with new soundtracks and voices on top of the modified HUD and game menu, this mod is an excellent way to refresh the sound and the look of the game for the majority of Mass Effect fans.

Every loadout is composed of changeable abilities which adhere to the known classic of ME. Therefore,Adepts toss biotic warp booms while Soldiers provide ballistic smackdowns along with concussive shots. The good thing about here is that the first-person view is not enabled for authentic ME cinematography. The heroes like the Commander and Samara are there to Paragon. Even the look of the menu changes to the futuristic interface of ME together with music lifted from the space-synth soundtrack of Jack Wall.

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You will find a lot of mods that try to imitate the clone wars. However, this mod is different because of its wonderful class system. You’ll see a randomization element that keeps stuff very interesting always. It gives you different weapons and different classes at the same time. That denotes that players should adapt to the modifications if they wish to win at this particular mod, which makes it surely fun.


On the ground, Ultimate Battlefront: The Clone Wars appears like one of those garden-variety clone trooper mod. However, once you hit all those class selection screens, everything will be interesting for you. That’s because the mod randomizes accessible heroes and units on per-round frequency. For example, you see, your vehicle repairman may be changed with a mine-laying combat engineer or perhaps a big gunner becomes a vibroblade-waking berserker.

You must bear in mind that no two matches play similar as a result. What’s more, the challenge of success becomes unexpectedly sheer because it’s adapting continuously to whatever forces you have accessible.

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That concludes our list of 5 Best Battlefront 2 Mods. What are your thoughts about this post? Are any of your favorites are listed here? Well, let us know by putting your comments below, we’d love to know more about it.

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