Best Elemental Knives Under $50

The option to have custom skins in Counter Strike has been immensely popular as soon as they arrived to the scene. The rarity of a fantastic skin gave you the ability to customize your avatar in a way that other players could not. Selling and trading skins has created a huge market for players alike. Some of the most sought after item skins are the elemental knives that can be used as your default in-game knife weapon. What is even wilder, is that the popularity of these knives has come to life! You can now buy your favorite elemental knife skin as a real knife to show off your fandom.

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elemental knives
Black Legion Knife Set
Rainbow Karambit
MTech USA Xtreme
Smoke Blue Karambit

How much do Elemental Knives cost?

Depending on where you shop, you can expect to pay anywhere between $20 to $500. There are many different manufacturers of these ever-growing collectibles. Some of the more known brands will come with a higher price tag, and this could be because they have a following that is expecting new and exciting designs. These designs are often treated like art collections. For a piece of art that you will be putting on display, you can expect to pay much more. For a cool looking knife that has a cool and interesting design, you have many options, and at a much more desirable price point.

elemental knifes
Promithi Camo
cheapest knife in csgo
CIMA 440C/G10
best csgo case
TAC Force TF-Series
elemental cases
CIMA Hunstman

Where do I find a specific skin that I like?

The likelihood that you will find exactly the same design and skin by name is very low. The copyright infringement would prevent manufacturers from using these designs or even referencing them by name. Your best chance to find your favorite skin on a real knife that you can hold is to browse through a list of pre-made knives that may share a resemblance to the skin you like the most.

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If you’re looking to get skins in-game, then you’re going to have to open cases. Some cases are more valuable than others, simply because they are rarer to obtain. It could be a good idea to keep an eye out for special events and tournaments that allow you to spectate or participate. They usually offer cases as rewards, which can be opened or sold to other players(usually with the use of a CSGO trading site). You never know when the next set of cases will become the best CSGO case simply because of it’s contents and rarity. This could also give you a good head start for getting a real life CSGO knife with a similar design.

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