BFBC 2 Features ‘Announced’

Electronic Arts has quite amusingly ‘announced’ the features for the upcoming game Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Do not take any of the below seriously, it is clearly an April Fools joke by EA, most people will realise but you never know.

Although I sort of was looking forward to hearing the Terminator spotting enemies and calling for a medic :(

Battlefield Bad Company 2 will be a multiplatform release, this means that it will be available for PC, LINUX (Red Hat Edition), Ubuntu, Apple Macintosh, PS3, Xbox360, PS2, PSP, Mobile Phone, iPhone, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo DS. The release date is set to be simultaneous for all platforms. The idea of the multiplatform launch was to truly put Battlefield in the hands of players of any platform so that no matter where you were, you could experience the amazingingness that is Battlefield; wherever you may be. Does your friend want you to play Battlefield with him but you’re in class? No problem. You guys can play together remotely via your iPhone or Mobile phone during a midterm in college. Do you happen to own a Mac instead of a PC? Well lucky for you, you can easily play with your PC brethren on your Intel Based Macintosh Computer.

Basically, the status quo for us was: If people can’t actually play Battlefield, then they won’t buy it. We hate the status quo.

Bad Company 2’s features: (omitting mobile platform unless noted)

  • You can only spawn on your friends when they are in combat to help stimulate combat action. If your buddies are not in combat then you will be forced to spawn on an objective such as a Flag or Gold Crate.
  • Lot’s of blood and gore when shot, depending on the round and trajectories. This will be rendered by a modified, highly realistic, dismemberment technology stolen from Dead Space. Yeah they’re mad at us for this one. But, we’re cool now. Right guys?
  • Medic class is making a comeback, complete with defibrillators and medic packs. And a pistol. Nothing else. With the logic that the Medic class can bring people back into the world from near death using a defibrillator, we were hesitant on their ability to take people out of the world as well. For this reason the pistol will be the only weapon you can use when you play as a Medic.
  • 102 total unique weapons and accessories such as the M4 Carbine. 89 total unique vehicles such as the infamous Ford F-150
  • The ability to change HUD Opacity for plasma TV owners
  • A Plethora of maps that will possibly cause a near fatal heart attack due to “joy-shock”.
  • The ability to build stuff with an Engineer that isn’t totally useless such as the ability to build sand bags for temporary cover, operate security turrets that are already strategically pre-designated across the map, build automatic sentry turrets, build traps using trip mines, build SAM sites, build small fortresses in teams of three engineers or more, repair damaged weapons, repair buildings, build JDAM jamming devices, build missile scrambling sites, and the engineer will be able to repair vehicles (but they cannot be moving). Because the Engineer is so diverse of a class, they only spawn with a Monkey Wrench and cannot trade kits.
  • Weapons can break. If this happens you cannot use that weapon until you find an Engineer to fix it as aforementioned above. If you spawned with the new unlock called “Duct Tape and Screw Driver” upgrade, which takes up an accessory slot, you will be able to temporarily fix your weapon but it will only do half damage.
  • The grenade launcher is now extremely realistic. Use your imagination.
  • Two Teams, US Army is one of them.
  • Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Capture the flag, Conquest, Engineer Rush and Gold Rush on PC. For everything else, only Team Deathmatch, Engineer Rush and Gold Rush.
  • Top Hollywood voice talent for all in-game characters for saying combat lines such as “Enemy Spotted”, or “Assault this position”, by men who have played roles such as Jack Bauer, the Terminator, Forest Gump, Eagle Eye, Rocky, The Hulk, Star Wars, and Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”.
  • And of course, Destruction 2.0.3 which is so precise of a destruction engine that if you wanted to, you can make ice sculptures by chipping away at ice with your weapon of choice. Later in the year we will be holding an Ice Sculpture contest so stay tuned to find out the prizes we’ll be giving away! We’re aiming for something similar to this (, but the key is to be creative!

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