Explore the Depths of the Atlantic Ocean with These 10 Epic Games Like Silent Hunter V: Battle of the Atlantic!

If you’re a fan of Silent Hunter V: Battle of the Atlantic, then you’re in luck – there are plenty of games out there that capture the same style of action and adventure. From World War II submarine simulators to open-world exploration games, the following 10 titles are all highly recommended for those who are looking for a similar gaming experience.



Wolfpack is a co-operative subsim game that requires tactical, real-time teamwork to succeed. You can control up to four players on a single mission, each of which is assigned to a post in the submarine. You will need to work together, coordinating navigation, navigation, engagement, and engineering. There are two modes of play: a dynamic campaign system, and a mission editor. The game has a historical setting, meaning you can expect to find yourself engaging in U-boat battles during World War II, similar to what you might find in Silent Hunter V.


Danger from the Deep

Danger from the Deep is an open-source submarine simulator that offers a realistic depiction of WW2 submarine warfare. You can take to the seas in a variety of submersibles, from small coastal types to giant warship. You’ll need to use both physics and tactics to succeed in the dangerous ocean depths – controlling the ship with realistic controls, using sonar and active sonar to detect and engage targets, and managing the crew and ship status. As an open-source game, Danger from the Deep is regularly updated and improved.


Atlantic Fleet

Atlantic Fleet is an ambitious and hugely detailed World War II strategy game for PC and mobile. You’ll be tasked with commanding a wide variety of ships, from light destroyers to massive battleships, and engaging in naval warfare with the German enemy. The game features a dynamic campaign system and a wealth of historical content, so you can expect to find yourself re-enacting famous naval engagements such as the Battle of Denmark Strait. It’s a great option for those looking to take a more strategic approach to the Silent Hunter experience.


Pirates! Gold

For a more light-hearted take on the Silent Hunter experience, Pirates! Gold is certainly worth a look. The game puts you in command of a pirate ship, sailing to various ports in the Caribbean during the golden age of piracy. You’ll explore, pillage and plunder, while also needing to manage your crew, ship maintenance, and upgrades. It’s a mix of open-world exploration, combat and strategic decision making, making it a great option for those looking for a different type of naval warfare experience.



UBOAT is a submarine simulator developed by Deep Water Studio, which focuses on the U-boat battles of World War II. You’ll take on the role of the submarine captain and crew, controlling navigation, combat and the crew. The game boasts a dynamic open world and real-time weather, meaning you’ll have to adjust your strategy accordingly. For a more intense and realistic submarine warfare experience, UBOAT is certainly worth checking out.


Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific

Silent Hunter 4 is the fourth installment in the Silent Hunter series, and follows the American submarine operations in the Pacific during World War II. You’ll need to use both strategy and tactics to succeed, managing your crew, researching new technologies and customizing your submarine. You can also explore the Pacific, engaging in naval combat with both Japanese and American ships.


Heavy Water: U-boat Adventures

Heavy Water: U-Boat Adventures is another PC submarine simulator, this time focusing on a German U-boat crew during World War II. You’ll take command of the U-boat, managing navigation, crew and combat. You’ll be put in a variety of realistic and historically accurate situations, from attack missions to covert operations. The game also offers a unique “Story Mode” with unique scripted events and character-driven narratives.


Pacific Fleet

Pacific Fleet is a highly detailed naval combat sim set during World War II. You’ll command a variety of ships, from light cruisers to battleships and aircraft carriers, in both single-player and online multiplayer battles. There are three different campaigns to choose from, each featuring a variety of environments and naval engagements. The game features realistic physics, sophisticated tactical AI and detailed 3D graphics, making it a great option for hardcore naval warfare fans.



Dreadnought is a space combat game developed by Yager Development, which puts you in command of a massive battleship in a large-scale conflict. You’ll need to battle against both AI and human enemies, using tactics to outmaneuver your opponents and coming up with creative strategies to win. The game boasts an impressive physics engine and a variety of ships, weapons and upgrades to earn, making it a great option for those looking for a unique spin on the naval combat genre.


Task Force 1942

Task Force 1942 is a World War II tactical naval combat sim, allowing you to command both ships and planes in a variety of scenarios. You’ll need to use tactics to outwit your opponents, while also managing your resources. The game also offers a variety of historical scenarios and campaigns, as well as a mission editor for those who want to create their own battles.


Whether you’re a fan of Silent Hunter V: Battle of the Atlantic, or just looking for an exciting and immersive naval warfare experience, there are plenty of great games out there to choose from. The 10 titles in this article, from Wolfpack to Task Force 1942, all offer something different, so there’s sure to be something for everyone’s taste.