Bitlife – Life Simulator – How to become a Judge/Lawyer in under 8 minutes

Becoming a lawyer or a judge in Bitlife is a lot easier than becoming one in real life. However, many people are confused on how the exact steps to take to become one. Therefore, we’ve created this handy guide. It will teach you step-by-step how you can become a lawyer or a judge without any unnecessary fluff. Let’s dig in.

Steps to become a lawyer in Bitlife

We will write these steps under the assumption that you will start a new life. After all, everyone is at a different place in their current life so it’s impossible to write a guide that applies to everyone if we don’t assume you’ll start a new life.

  1. Start a new life. Most of your stats do not matter too much if you’re trying to become a lawyer. The “smarts” stat is important though. Reroll until you get a start with good smart stats.
  2. Keep progressing through primary school and high school while keeping your smarts high. You can do this by studying hard and going to the library when you can.
  3. Once you can go to university choose the “English” or “Political Science” major.
    lawyer bitlife english major
  4. The game will ask you how you want to pay for university. Since you should have good smart stats apply for a scholarship. You have a pretty decent chance of getting it and it will make university free.
    bitlife lawyer scholarship
  5. Keep progressing through university while studying hard and keeping your smarts up.
    bitlife lawyer studying
  6. Once you graduate from university, seek higher education and apply to law school. You should get accepted if you did everything right.
    bitlife becoming a lawyer - law school
  7. Once again apply for a scholarship.
  8. Keep studying in Law School until you graduate.
  9. Once you graduate apply for a job in a law firm (Law Clerk is easiest to get accepted). You should get hired if you finished law school.
    becoming a law clerk -> law clerk job accepted
  10. Keep working hard in your new job.
    bitlife lawyer work hard
  11. Eventually if you keep working hard you’ll get promoted. The promotions will go like this: law clerk -> junior associate -> associate -> junior partner -> partner.

    bitlife becoming a lawyer - success!

      Mission successful, you have become a lawyer!

Steps to become a judge in Bitlife

Becoming a judge is very similar to becoming a lawyer, but we have to do a few things differently.

  1. Follow the steps in the lawyer guide above up until you’ve worked 30 years at a law firm. We need 30 years of experience in law firms before we can apply, that’s why we need to work in law firms for 30 years before we can apply for the Magistrate job.
  2. Once you have 30 years of experience, quit your current job and apply for the magistrate job. You might not get hired immediately, if you don’t, keep trying every year.
    bitlife becoming a judge - magistrate job
  3. Eventually you’ll get hired as a Magistrate for your city and this will unlock the “become a judge” trophy!
    becoming a judge in bitlife -> success! becoming a judge in bitlife

No law firm positions available?

Sometimes there are no law firm positions available when you finish law school. This is annoying, but there’s a quick fix to remedy it. Just follow these steps.

  • Close the Bitlife App
  • Open up the app again
  • Check the job board

Restarting the app refreshes the job listings. Keep doing this until there is an available position in a law firm.


That’s all there is to it to becoming a judge or a lawyer in Bitlife. We told you it wasn’t that hard! We’ve timed ourselves doing this and it took less than 8 minutes. Just follow the steps we’ve laid out for you and you’ll be dishing out the law in no time.

If you have any questions or get stuck at some parts, feel free to leave a comment and we’ll gladly help you out.



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