10 Amazing Games Like Crystal Monsters You Don’t Want to Miss!

Are you looking for games similar to Crystal Monsters? Then you’ve come to the right place! In the following post, we’ll list 10 games with similar elements and features that are sure to provide hours of entertainment. We’ll outline the differences and similarities between each game and Crystal Monsters, and explain why we recommend them.

1. Hero Academy 2

Hero Academy 2 is a turn-based strategy game that pits two teams of five against each other. You build your team out of 20 available heroes, and battle it out on the game board. While the heroes are different from the monsters in Crystal Monsters, they feature similar abilities and strengths. Both games require tactical thinking and strategy to win, and Hero Academy 2’s asynchronous gameplay makes it the perfect game to play at your own pace.

2. Spellbinders

Spellbinders is a match-3 puzzle game that focuses on building a magical kingdom. As you progress through the levels, you’ll collect materials to craft powerful spells and summon creatures from the magical world. Spellbinders features beautiful visuals and a challenging, yet satisfying, gameplay. The summonable creatures are quite different from the ones you’ll find in Crystal Monsters, but the strategy involved in each game are similar.

3. Battlerite

Battlerite is an action-packed arena brawler where you battle against opposing teams. You choose from 20 champions, each with their own unique abilities, and fight it out on the battlefield. It’s an exciting game with quick-paced and intense battles that are sure to keep you on your toes. Similarly to Crystal Monsters, Battlerite has a unique roster of fighters, and you must devise the right strategy to come out on top.

4. Pokémon Shuffle

Pokémon Shuffle is a match-3 puzzle game featuring all your favorite Pokémon characters. Match three or more of the same Pokémon to clear the board, and collect coins and items as you progress. You can use the coins to play special stages, as well as to power up your Pokémon. This game is different from Crystal Monsters in terms of visuals and characters, but the core mechanics of matching and collecting are similar.

5. Monster Legends

Monster Legends is a monster-collecting RPG game where you build a team of powerful creatures and battle it out against other players. Each creature has its own unique abilities and strengths, and you must come up with the right strategy to win battles. This game is very similar to Crystal Monsters in that the monsters are the main focus of the game, and you must collect and use them in the best possible way.

6. Monster Strike

Monster Strike is an action-packed RPG game where you collect and battle monsters with your friends. You’ll explore various realms and battle powerful monsters as you progress through the game. Monster Strike has a wide selection of monsters with unique abilities, and the amount of strategy and depth to the combat system is similar to that of Crystal Monsters.

7. Ember

Ember is a collectible card game where you battle against other players. You build a deck of cards to battle against your opponents, and each card contains different abilities and strengths. This game is similar to Crystal Monsters in its card-based combat system, but the cards themselves are more detailed and customizable.

8. Dungeon Boss

Dungeon Boss is a strategy game where you battle against other players using a team of powerful monsters. You’ll collect and upgrade your monsters as you progress, and you’ll need to devise the right strategy to come out on top. The monsters in Dungeon Boss are quite different to the ones in Crystal Monsters, but the strategic gameplay remains similar.

9. Monster Wars

Monster Wars is a turn-based tactical game where you control a team of monsters and battle against the computer. You must come up with the best strategy to defeat your opponents, and the monsters each have different abilities and strengths. This game is similar to Crystal Monsters, with the main difference being the turn-based gameplay.

10. Monsters and Dungeons

Monsters and Dungeons is a dungeon crawling RPG game where you play as a monster. You’ll explore dark dungeons and collect powerful monsters as you progress. This game is similar to Crystal Monsters in terms of having a roster of powerful monsters, and you’ll need to come up with the right strategy to defeat the dungeons.


We hope this post has helped you find some great games similar to Crystal Monsters. Whether you’re looking for card-based combat, turn-based strategy, or monster collecting, there is something here for everyone. Each game offers its own unique twist on the Crystal Monsters formula, providing a unique and entertaining experience.