10 Epic Games Like Fieldrunners – Ready to Play Your Next Adventure?

In the world of tower defense games, Fieldrunners stands out as one of the most iconic and enjoyable titles. But if you’re looking for something new – or something with a bit of a different twist – then check out these 10 amazing games like Fieldrunners. From unique mechanics and story lines to riveting audio and visual features, these tower defense games will give you a new way to experience the classic tower defense genre. Read on to learn more about each game and why it’s worth checking out, whether you’re a veteran Fieldrunners player, or a complete newcomer to tower defense.

1. Castle Creeps TD

First up, Castle Creeps TD will give you the perfect mix of classic tower defense elements and new, creative gameplay. Lead a brave army of Heroes and battle through intense levels and 11 unique enemy types. In this game, each hero comes with special abilities, allowing you to customize your approach to each level and create powerful combos. On top of that, Castle Creeps TD offers unique character designs, a great soundtrack, and exciting co-op events to test your skills. While it offers a different take on the genre, Castle Creeps TD captures the key elements of Fieldrunners – like strategic enemy pathways and complex base layouts – and offers an entirely new challenge.

2. Plants vs Zombies 2

Another classic entry in the tower defense genre is Plants vs Zombies 2. Enjoy the same combination of a classic tower defense concept and a zany twist that made the first game a hit, but with many new levels and even more unique plants and zombies. This game features insane battles against zombie pirate ships, zombies riding dolphins, and even zombie chickens. With its wacky take on the genre, Plants vs Zombies 2 offers an exciting, comedic experience that any Fieldrunners fan is sure to love. While it offers a different twist on the tower defense concept, it still balances strategy and skill just like Fieldrunners – and its ability to make you laugh makes it an easy game to recommend.

3. Tower Defense: War of Creeps

Tower Defense: War of Creeps offers an intense, fast-paced experience that any Fieldrunners fan can enjoy. This game features more than 40 levels across 4 different difficulty levels, allowing you to truly customize the challenge. War of Creeps also offers a variety of game modes, from classic siege defense to tower defense, and even endless mode. Its vibrant visuals and exciting sound effects are bound to keep you engaged, and its wide range of maps and difficulty levels offer challenge and variety that any Fieldrunners fan is sure to love.

4. The Creeps

The Creeps is a classic tower defense game that promises an intense strategic challenge. With a variety of towers, heroes, and power-ups to choose from, you’ll be able to customize your approach to each level and truly make it your own. In addition, this game features unique boss fights, cooperative play with up to four players, and even a “Build Mode” for endless levels and unique challenges. While The Creeps does offer a different perspective on the classic tower defense genre, its emphasis on challenge, customization, and player choice makes for an experience that any Fieldrunners fan is sure to enjoy.

5. Toy Defense

Toy Defense takes the classic tower defense game and gives it a unique aesthetic that’s sure to appeal to any fan. Develop your own battle strategy using a wide range of infantry, air and ground units, and even artillery. With its vibrant visuals, catchy soundtrack, and deep strategic gameplay, Toy Defense manages to stay true to the classic tower defense formula while giving it a refreshing new spin. Its breadth of options and strategies that it offers makes it a great game to check out, whether you’re a fan of Fieldrunners or not.

6. Kingdom Rush

If you’re looking for a classic tower defense experience that’s been polished to perfection, then look no further than Kingdom Rush. With its vibrant visuals and unique heroes, Kingdom Rush is easily one of the most beautiful and engaging tower defense games out there. You’ll have access to a range of towers and spells, as well as powerful heroes with unique abilities to help you defend your kingdom. While its visuals and sound may be different from Fieldrunners, its classic tower defense gameplay is sure to keep any fan entertained.

7. Bloons TD 5

Bloons TD 5 is a fantastic tower defense game that offers intense strategic challenges. Choose from a variety of towers and upgrades, experiment with custom combinations to create the perfect strategy, and take on a range of devious enemies in this game. With its vibrant visuals, deep strategic gameplay, and powerful customization options, Bloons TD 5 is sure to captivate any tower defense fan. Its unique design and style may be a departure from Fieldrunners, but its challenging and rewarding gameplay will keep you wanting to come back for more.

8. Sentinel 4: Dark Star

Sentinel 4: Dark Star is a fascinating tower defense game that offers a unique experience with its sci-fi aesthetic. Take on hordes of enemies with powerful defenses and strikes, upgrade your base however you see fit, and enjoy the game’s stunning visuals. With its unique and captivating story line, Sentinel 4: Dark Star is sure to keep any Fieldrunners fan engaged. Its different twist on the genre may be a departure from the classic tower defense gameplay of Fieldrunners, but its unique approach, stunning visuals, and compelling story make it a great game to check out.

9. Infestor

If you’re looking for a game that adds a unique twist to the classic tower defense genre, then Infestor is the game for you. This game focuses on tower placement, rather than building and upgrading towers. In this game, you’ll take control of a powerful infestor and use it to attack and control your enemies. With its unique take on tower defense, Infestor offers something different than the classic gameplay of Fieldrunners. However, its focus on strategic placement and clever use of resources captures the essence of what makes the genre great, and its unique style and mechanics give it a fresh feel that any Fieldrunners fan is sure to enjoy.

10. Anomaly Warzone Earth

Anomaly Warzone Earth is a unique take on the tower defense genre that offers something both new and familiar. Take on the role of an elite commander and lead a force of tanks and troops through intense battlefields. With its stunning visuals and intense strategic challenges, Anomaly Warzone Earth offers a unique and captivating experience. While it offers a very different style of gameplay than Fieldrunners, its emphasis on strategic planning and intense battles captures the essence of tower defense while giving it a unique new twist.


Tower defense games like Fieldrunners offer a unique mix of challenge and strategy that few other genres can match. With the 10 games listed above, you’ll find something for every type of tower defense fan – from unique and wacky takes on the genre to intense and captivating experiences. Whether you’re a veteran Fieldrunners fan or a complete newcomer, these games are sure to provide hours of fun and challenge. So check out these games and enjoy a fresh take on the classic tower defense genre.