10 Epic Games Like FIFA Online for Your Gaming Pleasure!

Whether you’re a fan of football, or soccer, if you’re looking for a fun and challenging game that you can play on your computer, FIFA Online is an excellent choice. However, there are other great games like FIFA Online out there, either with similar concepts or totally different gameplay. Here are 10 games that might be just what you’re looking for if you’re a fan of soccer or football video games.

1. Rocket League

Rocket League is a soccer-themed game that has a much different take on the classic rules of the sport. In this game, you control cars instead of players, and the playing field is a giant arena. It’s a 3-on-3 multiplayer battle for the ball, and you and your opponents have to do everything you can to score goals. It’s a thrilling and exciting game that’s a very different experience from the classic FIFA Online, but fans of soccer games will still find lots of enjoyment.

2. FIFA 19

FIFA 19 is the newest installment in the FIFA series, and it features some major improvements over its predecessors. This game features realistic graphics, an improved career mode, and a comprehensive Ultimate Team feature. The game has a wide variety of different modes and options for players, making it a great way to get your FIFA fix.

3. Football Manager 2019

Unlike FIFA or Rocket League, Football Manager 2019 is a game that puts you in the shoes of a team manager, rather than one of the players. You’ll be responsible for scouting, recruiting, and managing your team, and you’ll have to make all of the strategic decisions that come with running a team. It’s a great way to experience the excitement of soccer without playing the game itself.

4. Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer is a mobile game that’s perfect for fans of soccer games. The game features realistic 3D graphics, and you’ll be able to control your team with simple, intuitive controls. The game also features a deep career mode, as well as online tournaments and leaderboards.

5. Super Mega Soccer

Super Mega Soccer is a unique take on the classic soccer game. It’s a 2D side-scrolling game where you’ll have to use your skill and quick thinking to score goals. The game also features an exciting career mode, as well as online play.

6. PES 2020

PES 2020 is a great game for soccer fans. It’s a realistic and immersive game that features a deep career mode and a wide variety of different teams and leagues. The game features updated rosters and improved AI, making it one of the most deep and detailed soccer games available.

7. Score! Hero

Score! Hero is a mobile game that’s all about goal-scoring. In this game, you’ll play as a single player, and you’ll have to use your skills and strategy to score as many goals as you can. The game features over 500 levels, so there’s plenty of challenge here.

8. Soccer Stars

Soccer Stars is a fast-paced game where you’ll have to use your skills to outscore your opponents. It’s a turn-based game that’s great for competitive players, and you can play online with other players from around the world.

9. Head Soccer

Head Soccer is a fun and light-hearted soccer game. In this game, you’ll take control of a team of cartoon characters and face off against your opponents in a battle for the ball. The game features simple controls and plenty of power-ups, making it a great choice for younger players.

10. Flick Kick Soccer

Flick Kick Soccer is a great game for players of all ages. In this game, you’ll have to flick the ball with your finger to score goals. It’s a simple game, but it’s surprisingly challenging and fun.


If you’re a fan of FIFA Online, there are plenty of great games out there that offer similar or totally different experiences. Whether you’re looking for a realistic soccer simulator or an exciting and action-packed game, there’s something here for everyone. So take your pick and enjoy tackling the competition.