10 Exciting Alternatives to eFootball 2022 – What Will You Play Next?

If you’ve been searching for more games with a football vibe like eFootball 2022 then you’ve come to the right place! Football has always been a popular sport and the accompanying gaming genre has seen some amazing titles. Here, we explore the best games currently available to play that have similarities to eFootball 2022 and why you should give them a shot if you’re looking for a great football gaming experience.

1. Pro Evolution Soccer 2021

The Pro Evolution Soccer series has been around for quite some time and the 2021 edition is certainly no slouch. This game has recently had a major overhaul which leads to a more engaging and enjoyable experience. With great visuals and strong gameplay mechanics, this game definitely earns its place on the list of games like eFootball 2022. Comparatively to eFootball 2022, Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 has a strong focus on tactics and strategies, so not only can you create amazing football moves and tricks, but you can also use your skills to defeat the opponents. Additionally, you can play with various clubs and player names which gives it a more realistic feeling when playing against others.

2. Madden NFL 21

The Madden NFL series has been a staple of American gaming for over twenty years. Madden NFL 21 gives football fans everything they could want from a game, with a wealth of content, great visuals and more. With Madden NFL 21, you can not only play as different teams but you can also take part in playing multiple career modes. When compared to eFootball 2022, Madden NFL 21 also offers a more traditional, fast-paced style of play that is similar to eFootball 2022. You’ll have to be on your toes to be successful, with both games heavily relying on high-level tactics and clever use of tactics for victory.

3. FIFA 21

Another major football game, FIFA 21 may be one of the most popular games on this list. FIFA 21 has been around for a long time now, and it continues to offer players amazing football experiences. The game’s graphics are stunning and the gameplay is smooth, giving you an amazing experience from the first time you play. What sets FIFA 21 apart from eFootball 2022 is that it includes plenty of licensed teams and players, giving the game a more realistic vibe. The game also features a deep career mode and a wide range of different game modes, allowing you to play the game the way you want.

4. PES 2020

PES 2020 is the latest entry in the long-running Pro Evolution Soccer series. The game is a step up from its predecessor in many ways, with improved visuals, better gameplay mechanics as well as new features like a team editor and player creator. It also features an impressive number of licensed teams and players, making it a great option for gamers who want an authentic experience. In comparison to eFootball 2022, PES 2020 offers a more realistic experience, with players having to use tactical play in order to be successful.

5. Footy Quiz

Footy Quiz is a unique entry to this list, as it is more of a game-show than a traditional football game. Footy Quiz is a great game for those who are fans of trivia and knowledge-based games. The game is easy to play and is a great way to test your knowledge on the football world. The game also has a competitive side, so you can challenge friends to see who knows the most about football. Comparatively to eFootball 2022, Footy Quiz offers an extensive selection of trivia questions and the use of football knowledge to outwit your competitors.

6. Rugby League Live 4

For those looking for a different type of football experience, Rugby League Live 4 is the perfect choice. This game is a great option for those who are not too familiar with American Football as it focuses on Rugby. Rugby League Live 4 features intuitive controls and realistic visuals, as well as plenty of licensed teams and players. Comparatively to eFootball 2022, Rugby League Live 4 offers a more hands-on approach to football, with players relying heavily on their physical and tactical skills to succeed.

7. Superstar Soccer: Goal

For those looking for a casual football experience, Superstar Soccer: Goal is a great choice. This game is mainly focused on quick-fire action, with you trying to shoot and score as many goals as possible. Superstar Soccer: Goal is a great way to relax and enjoy a game of football without having to commit to a long time investment. Comparatively to eFootball 2022, Superstar Soccer: Goal offers a more lighthearted, arcade-style experience with merely simple controls to get the job done.

8. Football Manager 2021

For those who appreciate the strategic aspects of football, Football Manager 2021 is the perfect choice. Football Manager 2021 is a strategy game that focuses on the management of a team, with you having to manage every aspect of a football club. This game features a wide range of features and is arguably the most in-depth football management game out there. Its visuals are also quite impressive and the game offers a great amount of customisation options. Comparatively to eFootball 2022, Football Manager 2021 offers a more in-depth focus on strategy, with players having to carefully devise plans to make their teams successful.

9. Head Soccer

Head Soccer is a great pick for those looking for a more unique football game. While it does feature a football setting, the main focus of the game is a fighting game, with you having to compete against opponents to score points. Head Soccer offers plenty of customisation options as well as multiple game modes, making it perfect for those looking for something different. Comparatively to eFootball 2022, Head Soccer offers a more fast-paced, action-packed experience, with players having to use both physical and strategic skills to outmaneuver their opponents.

10. All-Star Football

Last but not least, All-Star Football is a great pick for those looking for a more classic football experience. All-Star Football focuses on simple, classic football gameplay, with you having to score points against your opponents. What sets All-Star Football apart from other football games is its unique art style, which makes it stand out from the crowd. Comparatively to eFootball 2022, All-Star Football offers a more traditional experience, with players having to concentrate on their physical and tactical abilities in order to be successful.


eFootball 2022 is an amazing football game and if you’re looking for more like it, then these 10 games should help you out! From games like Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 and Madden NFL 21 with more realistic, fast-paced gameplay, to games like Head Soccer and All-Star Football that offer different experiences, there’s something on this list for everyone. So, if you’re looking for great football games to enjoy, then you should definitely try out some of the titles listed above!

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