10 Fun and Exciting Games Like Poppy Playtime – What Will You Play Next?

Are you a fan of Poppy Playtime, but looking for some different games to play that have similar features? Look no further! There are plenty of games out there similar to Poppy Playtime that you’ll find engaging, fun and challenging. Here is a list of 10 fantastic games like Poppy Playtime that are sure to bring you hours of entertainment.

1. Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a great choice for fans of Poppy Playtime. This game is all about discovering the world of animals and exploring their habitats. Players will create their own avatar and join a community of other animal lovers to adventure, battle and customise their character. Animal Jam also offers educational videos, fun challenges and minigames. The similarities between Animal Jam and Poppy Playtime are vast, from the level of customisation players are allowed to the various challenges, battles and mini-games that are available.

2. Cat Story

Cat Story is a unique game that has many features similar to those found in Poppy Playtime. This game focuses on inhabiting a virtual world full of cats. Players will take part in games, chat with friends and create their very own pet cat. With their own customised cat, they’ll be able to explore the world and go on special adventures. There are also minigames and many levels to beat. Players will love the level of customisation and the various challenges and mini-games that Cat Story has to offer.

3. Adventure Academy

For gamers who are looking for an educational game similar to Poppy Playtime, Adventure Academy is the perfect choice. This game combines educational topics with gaming for an immersive experience. Players will explore the world of Adventure Academy and learn about various topics such as science, maths, language arts and more, all while playing minigames and engaging in various challenges. Fans of Poppy Playtime will love the educational angle and the various challenges available in Adventure Academy.

4. Smurfs Village

Smurfs Village is the perfect game for fans of both Poppy Playtime and the beloved Smurfs franchise. This game allows players to build and manage their own village with their favourite Smurfs characters. They’ll get to decorate, build houses and explore the world of the Smurfs. Smurfs Village offers players the same kind of customisation and challenges as Poppy Playtime, along with the added bonus of doing so with a beloved classic character.

5. My Horse Prince

My Horse Prince is a unique game that combines elements of romance and horse riding. Players will get to take part in horse riding competitions and explore the world with their horse. They’ll also get to meet various characters and fall in love with one of them. My Horse Prince takes the customisation and exploration aspect of Poppy Playtime and combines it with a romantic storyline to create a game that is both engaging and fun.

6. Habbo Hotel

Habbo Hotel is the perfect game for fans of role-playing and socialising. In Habbo Hotel players will be able to create their own avatars, explore the digital world, play games and make friends. This game offers plenty of customisation options that allow players to make their avatars unique and stand out. Habbo Hotel also offers minigames and challenges that allow players to test their skills and interact with other gamers.

7. Neopets

Neopets is another great game for fans of Poppy Playtime. In Neopets, players create their own virtual world full of adorable pets that they can interact with, play minigames and challenge each other. Players can also explore the world of Neopets and uncover various secrets. The similarities between Poppy Playtime and Neopets are vast, from the level of customisation players can do with their pets to the various mini-games and challenges available.

8. FarmVille

FarmVille is the perfect game for fans of Poppy Playtime who also love the idea of running their own farm. This game allows players to create and manage their own farm, grow crops, care for animals and explore the world. Players will also be able to compete in farming challenges and interact with other players. FarmVille offers a level of customisation and challenges that are very similar to those found in Poppy Playtime.

9. Wizard101

Wizard101 offers players the chance to create their own wizard and explore a magical world. Players will get to cast spells, battle monsters and complete various quests in their journey. Like Poppy Playtime, Wizard101 also offers minigames and challenges for players to take part in. Fans of Poppy Playtime will love the magical and unique world of Wizard101 and all the challenges and customisation options it has to offer.

10. Stardoll

Stardoll is the perfect game for fans of Poppy Playtime who are looking to dress up their avatars and explore a virtual world. This game allows players to create their own customised avatars and dress them up with the thousands of different items available. Players will also get to see the latest fashion trends, play minigames and challenge their friends. Stardoll offers players a great level of customisation and plenty of fun challenges, very similar to those found in Poppy Playtime.


There are plenty of great games out there that are like Poppy Playtime. From Animal Jam to Stardoll, there’s something for everyone who’s looking for a game that offers challenges, customisation options and plenty of fun. All the games on this list have something unique to offer and have similarities to Poppy Playtime that make them worth playing. So, if you’re looking for a new game to enjoy, make sure to check out the list above.

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