10 Thrilling Games Like Hypership Out of Control – Ready for Your Next Adventure?

It’s no surprise why Hypership Out of Control is so popular. After all, the frenetic arcade-style shoot’em up space racing is electrifying and a blast to play. But if you’re looking for a change of pace or just want to try something new, we’ve got a list of ten games like Hypership Out of Control that you won’t want to miss.

1. Radical Rebound

Radical Rebound is a wonderful game with similar frenetic racing as Hypership Out of Control. As you fly through each track, you’re presented with multiple paths, obstacles and power-ups, requiring you to make quick decisions and navigate your way through the levels. Radical Rebound also supports up to four players so you can invite your friends to join in on the fun.

2. Void Expedition

Void Expedition is a unique game with quick reflexes and puzzle elements. Your goal is to explore an alien planet, discover and use key artefacts and ultimately escape from the planet. If it sounds like something out of a Hollywood movie, that’s because it is. The graphics are top-notch and the audio is immersive. Best of all, you can team up with friends for a co-op experience.

3. Space Tuxy

If you’re looking for something a bit more whimsical, then Space Tuxy is the game for you. With its charming graphics and humorous soundtrack, this game will have you laughing and smiling as you’re racing around the seemingly endless galaxies. Your goal is to collect coins while avoiding asteroids, obstacles and enemies, all while trying to beat the time limit.

4. Bloxels Star Wars

If you’re a fan of Star Wars, then Bloxels Star Wars is a must-play! This game combines classic 8-bit graphics and nostalgic arcade sound effects with the epic Star Wars universe. As you race along, you’ll encounter familiar characters, enemies and environments from the Star Wars universe, making the experience truly unique.

5. Space Blaster

Space Blaster is an addicting game, similar to Hypership Out of Control, that has you blasting your way through hordes of enemy ships, avoiding obstacles and gathering power-ups. There are various levels, game modes and difficulty settings, so you can customize the experience to your liking. Plus, the leaderboards encourage friendly competition among friends.

6. Space Rubbish

Space Rubbish is a unique game that has you playing as a space janitor with the goal to clean up the universe. As you fly from planet to planet, you’ll be tasked with collecting garbage, avoiding enemies and blowing up asteroids. It’s a quirky and colorful game with a great sense of humor.

7. SpeedRunners

SpeedRunners is a fast-paced arcade game that blends racing and platforming together. You’ll race against other players or computer-controlled bots across a variety of tracks, with the goal being to reach the finish line first. There’s a great physics engine that adds to the challenge and keeps the game feeling fresh.

8. Super Gravitron

Super Gravitron is an intense game with amazing visuals and an entrancing soundtrack. As you race through space, you’ll need to dodge deadly obstacles while collecting power-ups. There are various levels, each with its own unique set of challenges, that make the game feel fresh with every playthrough.

9. Space Cadet

Space Cadet is a perfect blend of arcade action and strategy. You’ll be aboard a space station, navigating the environment and fighting off waves of enemies. The game features great visuals, smooth controls and a fun soundtrack. Plus, you can team up with a friend for a co-op experience.

10. Star Skater

Star Skater is a futuristic racing game with combat elements. You’ll pilot a hoverboard through various tracks as you try to beat your rivals to the finish line. You’ll also be able to customize your vehicle with weapons and other upgrades. Plus, the game features realistic physics that keep the experience feeling fresh.

In conclusion, Hypership Out of Control is a classic game and the perfect game for fans of frenetic arcade-style shoot’em up racing. But if you’re looking to change things up, the games on this list will not disappoint. From the whimsical Space Tuxy to the challenging Super Gravitron, you’ll find something to enjoy here.