8 Mow Zombies Trips & Tricks You Should Use

Mow Zombies is a shooter game in which, as the name suggests, you mow down zombies. The game was released recently by mobile gaming studio Digital Native. In this post we’re going to go over the top 8 Mow Zombies tips & tricks that you can use to take the game to the next level. But first, a little bit about the game itself.

Weapons, zombies, and a lone girl are the main elements in Mow Zombie. You stand alone (with your weapons) against hordes of zombies. There are several different rarities of guns ranging from common to mysterious. The further you get into the game the better the weapons will be that you get access to.

1. Upgrade wisely

Coins are limited in Mow Zombies. Therefore, you shouldn’t upgrade your guns willy-nilly. As you progress through the game the guns you get access to only get better, so it’s a waste of resources to upgrade guns that you’ll not use after finishing the level.

We recommend you to only upgrade weapons when you’re stuck on a level. When you’re at that point where you need to upgrade your weapon to keep progressing head on over to the weapon tab.

mow zombies weapon select

On there you can see all the guns you have access to and the stats of said guns. Upgrade the weapons with the highest “attack” stat since these will do the most damage.

When you reach stage 50 you’ll unlock an epic gun. This gun will be best in slot for quite a while so we recommend that you upgrade that one when you get it.

2. Take advantage of the super weapons

In some levels you’ll get access to super weapons. The first time you’re introduced with one of them is in stage 2. This super weapon is a huge truck with spikes on the front. It’s insanely powerful and makes clearing the level a breeze. In addition, it’s simply a ton of fun to run over zombies with a huge armored vehicle.

When there’s a super weapon available in a level you’ll be notified at the start. In addition, there will be an arrow pointing you where you should go to get it.

3. Find the big zombies for extra coins

There are normal zombies and then there are huge zombies. These huge zombies stand out quite a bit because they have a dollar sign on them. If you kill them you get pretty decent injection of gold coins so it’s definitely worth seeking them out for the extra rewards.

Bonus tip: replay levels to get extra coins! You can replay levels as many times as you want. This allows you to grind them over and over again to get more gold coins and other resources.

4. Keep an eye out for falling treasure drops

Occasionally in the main menu you’ll see crates on parachutes dropping down. If you click on them you’ll be rewarded with gold coins and other resources.

5. Take advantage of power ups

When you kill zombies they have a chance to drop power ups. These power ups can be many things; for instance, shields, health kits & more damage can all be dropped by zombies.

Keep an eye out whenever you take out a group of zombies to see if they dropped any power-ups and if they did, make sure to pick it up to make progressing through the level easier.

6. Get free diamonds, Energy & other resources

As with most freemium games there’s a premium currency in Mow Zombies called diamonds. The primary way of getting these diamonds is through in-app purchases but you can also get them for free by watching video ads.

mow zombies free diamonds

In the shop menu you’ll see treasure boxes that you can click on. When you click on them you can watch a video ad and you’ll be rewarded with free diamonds or other resources.

If you have to go to the bathroom, just press the box, put down your phone and when you’re back the ad will be done playing and you’ll get your rewards!

In addition, after every level you can choose to watch a video ad to triple the coins you would normally receive.

7. Build your talent tree

One thing I really like about Mow Zombies is the fact that there is a talent tree. In Mow Zombies you can’t choose where you want to put your talents, since they’re random. Nevertheless, they’re an important aspect of the game. There are 9 different talents, Gold, Crit, Attack speed, Dodge rating, Buff timing increase, Movement speed, Boss damage, Attack Damage and HP.

talents in mow zombies

To upgrade your talents, head to the talent section in the menu. Then you can spend gold to unlock a random talent. The more talents you unlock the more expensive it gets.

8. Managing the camp

At a certain point in the game you’ll unlock the camp. The camp is where the people you’ve saved go. While they’re in the camp these people will still kill zombies so they’ll passively generate gold coins for you.

There are several different aspects of the camp that you can upgrade and you can also get quests from the people residing in it. These quests will reward you with diamonds and other resources so they’re well worth doing!


Hopefully these 8 Mow Zombies Tips & Tricks were helpful for you. With the use of this guide you’ve got everything you need to start blasting through all the levels in Mow Zombies! If you don’t have the game yet, you can download it here for Android and here for iOS.

If you have any other tips, tricks or strategies that you want us to share with our readers feel free to leave a comment down below.

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