How Do You Choose The Best CSGO And TF2 Trading Sites

The market for trading skins and items between CSGO and TF2 are almost identical. They both follow the same method of acquiring valuable skins. Playing the games regularly and during special events will award you with items or cases. If you are lucky, you will receive a special edition item that could fetch a pretty penny. In most cases, you may just end up with an item that you can use to trade up for a better item. As you become more comfortable with understanding the value of your inventory, you will start to lean towards a trade bot.

TF2 Trade Bot

A TF2 trade bot is an automated service that will buy and sell TF2 items. Most of these services will link up to your Steam profile to access your item inventory. The idea behind this is that you can quickly dispense all of your items from your inventory to the trade bot’s inventory.

In TF2, a lot of items that are worthless end up being scrapped. The purpose of this process is solely to produce crafting materials that may be necessary for other items. If you are a very active player, you may find yourself dumping your useless items into a trade bot quite regularly. This also saves you the trouble of having to seek out members in the community to take your useless items in a trade.

TF2 Trading Sites

If you’re reading this, it is probably because you aren’t sure which of the many trading websites to use. In terms of authority, all of these websites are on a pretty equal playing ground. Items in TF2 follow a pretty strict market value that is shared across all websites.

The TF2 trading website that you choose should ultimately be decided by which one is the most comfortable and quickest to use for you specifically. There is only a small chance that the items you are buying or selling will be listed at a better price on other websites. If you want to put in the extra work to find that better price, then you may get lucky every once in a while.

Here is the collection of most popular TF2 trading sites to sell TF2 items:

  • Steam Trading Forum[] – Although there are trading bots available to you, you won’t find better profits than the steam trading forums. Being able to talk your way into deals is an incredible sales tactic that could propel your collection. You could even consider taking advantage of a player who doesn’t understand the true value of his items. Although this is a little shadier than other methods, it is a pretty common way to turn a quick item around.
  • TF2 Outpost[] – One of the cleaner looking trade bot websites. It requires that you sign in through steam before even looking at the site. If you are just interested in their inventory, maybe skip it until you are committed to trying them out.
  • Scrap[] – This website doesn’t share the same focus as the other trading bot sites, but they try to appeal to Steam users in general. With raffles that carry useful prizes, to trading and selling Steam keys for other games on Steam.
  •[] – With their “InstaTrade” feature, this website focuses on creating and closing sales as quick as possible. Their “Pro” add-on creates some useful features that make trading even more lucrative. And good news, their pro add-on is now free to use! You can filter your searches to show you a live feed of items that are going for sale, as well as a bunch of other filters to help you turn a profit.
  • Backpack[] – Clean and simplistic, this community driven site has most of the features that get you exactly what you need for trading TF2 items. With discussion being displayed next to trades, it keeps you in the loop for what is currently in demand in today’s market.

TF2 Trading Bot Free Items

Nothing in this world is free. But if you’re smart and patient, you can figure out quite a few tricks to getting things you didn’t have already. If you want items that are truly free, you may be interested in joining some raffles or giveaways. This doesn’t guarantee you any items, and sometimes it isn’t really worth waiting around for.

If you pay attention to the trade forums, you may come across a player that is desperate for one specific item. Whether or not you have this item is not important. There is always a small chance that these players don’t know about trading bot sites. What you can do in these cases, is log onto your favorite trading site and see if you can find that item. See how much it is selling for, and then contact that player to negotiate a price that they are happy to pay. If you are lucky, they may be willing to pay above market value.

CS GO Skin Trade

Shortly after the release of CS GO, came one of the greatest updates that could ever happen to the game. The Arms Deal update introduced a new item that can be obtained after completing matches that were played on official servers. What was that item? The Weapon Case.

A weapon case is CS GO’s version of a loot crate. Once opened, it rewards the player with a unique cosmetic skin for one of the weapons that you could normally equip in-game. Some of these weapons come with special abilities that are usually based on tracking statistics while you use that weapon. Above all else, they don’t provide any real advantage over other players.

So what’s the big deal?

Some weapon skins are extremely rare to come across. Even more importantly, they look absolutely awesome. In many online games nowadays, players have more fun when the playing field is level for everybody. The end result is that all of your bragging rights come down to how to showcase your online avatar. This is one of the quickest ways to show other players that you are a player that has been dominating matches for a long time.

CSGO Trading Bot Sites

Buying and selling your weapon skins has gotten easier and easier every day. There is now a handful of useful tools for quickly trading your items. The most effective way to trade your CSGO skins is to use a trading bot site. The use of this automated service is not against the terms of use for CSGO and it is widely accepted by the developers and the playerbase.

There are a few ways you can complete trades on these websites, and some of these methods prove to be safer when used through a trade bot channel.

  • Pay with real world money – This is guaranteed the most effective way to get what you want. After all, money can be used anywhere. Making money from playing your favorite video game? Heck yes!
  • Trade keys – Okay. This is sort of like trading real world money, with the exception that this is still a digital item that you keep in your inventory. Keys are used like a premium currency. They are used for opening rare crates, and some players prefer to trade them away instead of rolling the dice at a chance to get their own rare items. These are highly sought after items for players who can get their hands on crates that contain worthwhile weapon skins.
  • Other weapon skins – The real trading happens here. You may have a skin that another player wants, and they may offer one that you want as well. Maybe you already have a buyer for the skins they are offering you. Whatever your reasons may be, trading skins for skins is also widely accepted by the community.

Best CSGO Skin Trading Sites

This part can be a little tricky. Everybody has their own go-to skin trading site for CSGO. As the popularity for weapon skins continues to climb, so does the number of websites for conducting skin trades.

Here is a list of the best CSGO skin trading sites:

  • Steam CSGO Trade Forum[] – Definitely the number one spot for taking care of the best kinds of trades. This is where you will find the best bang for your buck when trying to make a profit or score a deal. When trading in a community forum, there is always the chance to make some friends and help each other out. Networking is one of the best ways to move a lot of inventory from person to person. Be sure to let people know what you want and what you have.
  • CS Money[] – A really well designed website meant for quickly trading. This website requires that you login with your Steam account to quickly browse your inventory and make fast trades. Because this site is built with a focus to make a profit, the skins that are for sale on this website will cost you more. With the convenience of all the features, you may find it worthwhile.
  • CSGO Lounge[] – The most popular CSGO trading site. It will sometimes come up in controversial conversations due the gambling side of the website. There is a fantastic trading interface that a lot of people are fond of. With a very clean and minimalistic design, most players come here to trade away their unwanted CSGO skins.

Most Expensive CSGO Skin

Honestly, the highest price depends of a few different factors. The biggest thing that will decide the price of the weapon skins are their condition. If you get a rare skin with one of the top conditions, you may be on to getting a decent chunk of profit. The highest prices we’ve seen can range anywhere between $10,000 – $12,000.

The best skin conditions rarities are:

  • Factory New
  • Minimal Wear
  • Field Tested

Anything lower than that may be considered low quality and you will have a harder time selling them.

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