Big &%^#@! List of Borderlands 3 Details

All the sh*t we’ve seen about borderlands 3 so far is crazy! Just like, the details that have already been released so far. There is so much. To go into detail about everything would make this article so f*** long, we’re just going to leave it in this HUGE raw list of details that we’ve discovered so far!

  • They made it so people don’t have to fight for loot anymore, everyone gets their own drops. Although you can turn that off if you want.
  • For people with no microphone, there’s a ping system to communicate.
  • When your friends sell sh*t to vending machines, it can appear in yours.
  • Also you can mail weapons to each other.
  • Might have cross platform.
  • Also since some people play for so many hours and some don’t have much time and are way behind their friends, it has level syncing too. I think you can also turn that off. So people completely diff levels can still play together.
  • Characters from the tales of the borderlands also make appearances in it, not just from main borderlands games.
  • Tiny Tina is just regular Tina now I think. Like she might’ve grown a bit.
  • Your base, Sanctuary 3, is actually a spaceship now and you use it to travel to different planets.
  • The spaceship has a big bar for Moxxi. Sir Hammerlock has a trophy room that you can hang trophies of kills in. And you have your own room you can decorate.
vehicle mods
Customizable vehicle mods.
  • There’s some really funky guns, too. Like for example a rocket launcher that shoots burgers or a water gun. There even might be like a gun that runs to enemies and throws.
  • You’ll be able to visit Pandora still I think. There’s a new planet called Promethea. Apparently it’s the headquarters for the Atlas Corp. because that was the first place they found alien tech. They have like a huge urban city. And apparently the planet is like a warzone because the Maliwan company is like laying siege on it and it’s a whole battlefield between the 2 companies.
  • You might be able to go to other moons and planets.
  • 4 chars are Moze the Gunner, Amara the Siren, FL4K the Beastmaster and Zane the Operative.
  • Unlike other Borderlands games, this time characters have 3 diff action skills with their own perks. You can only pick at a time, though. I think different  chars might have different  amounts of action skills. Between 1-3. Unless they just haven’t showed them all yet. We will see later. For sure Siren has 3.
Amara action skills menu
Choose from 3 action skills for Amara.
  • And unlike other sirens, this one is more melee based. She summons like 6 arms to help her.
  • Action skills will have augments to modify their behaviors.
  • Beastmaster summons pets, like skags and sh*t.
  • The Gunner summons like a mech robot called Iron Bear that’s basically a walking tank and it fights too and you might even be able to enter it or even have a friend enter it with you and use it’s diff weapons.
  • The operative has a hologram move like zero but I think it works a bit differently. He’s like rich and has like of gadgets to use. He’s basically like borderlands James Bond.
  • He’s the only char that can equip 2 action skills but he would have to give up his grenade slot to add the 2nd one.
  • And he has hologram and drones and sh*t.
zane flynt
  • Can drop a barrier that protects u and friends that are inside it but we can shoot out of it. Kinda like the ion robots in Borderlands 2.
  • The hologram attracts enemy fire to it and away from players.
  • And you might be able to swap places with clone.
  • You can sacrifice your clone to use as second wind.
  • The operative might be the brother of Captain Flint, that fire boss that abused claptrap. His name is Zane Flynt. Also Baron Flynt, another bad guy, is also their brother. You fought him in Borderlands  1.
  • There might also be a new element type in the game, Radiation.
  • Oh man I can’t friggen wait.
  • Oh man I think they added sliding to Borderlands 3, too.
  • So you can slide behind cover or behind an enemy.
  • While sliding, you  can turn the camera and get early shots on enemy.
  • You can climb up objects now too :O
  • Like climb ledges and containers and stuff.
maliwan trooper
Enemies at the Maliwan depot.
  1. They’re also not sure yet if they will add 2 new chars as DLC in the future or just add new skill trees to each char with a new action skills.
  2. Also groundpound is gonna be in it.
  3.  Since levels will be a lot more vertical now. Since you can climb now and sh*t, plus there’s like cities and sh*t. There’s more vertical maps. Probably more flat too in the outskirts.
  4. Game map will be in 3D.

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