Bitlife – Life Simulator Game – How to become a Brain Surgeon in 8 steps

Is it your goal to become a brain surgeon in Bitlife – Life Simulator? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This job is quite nice, because it gives a very high salary. However, many people are unsure on what path to take to become one. Don’t worry, if you follow the steps in our guide you’ll get the job in no time. Let’s get into it.

Steps to becoming a Brain Surgeon in Bitlife – Life Simulator

As always with these profession guides for Bitlife we’ll describe it from the assumption that you’ll be starting a new life. It’s the only feasible way to make a guide that applies to everyone.

  1. When you start your new life, make sure you have high intelligence. Keep rerolling a new character until you get one that has at least 80+ smarts, the higher the better. The other stats don’t matter that much for this specific profession.
  2. Keep pressing the age up button and progress through your life as normal. Take time to study hard and visit the library to keep up your smarts.
  3. Once you graduate high school go to university and enroll in the biology or chemistry major. (tip: apply for a scholarship, you should be able to get it with high smart stats and it makes university free!)
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  4. Once you’re accepted into university keep studying hard and remember to keep visiting the library until you graduate.
  5. When you graduate tap the “seek higher education” option and apply to medical school. If you kept up your smarts, you should get accepted without any problems. Once again apply for a scholarship.
  6. Keep studying hard until you graduate.
  7. When you graduate apply for the brain surgeon job. If you followed the steps you should get hired.
  8. Keep working for 20 years and you’ll unlock the brain surgeon achievement!

Job not available?

If the brain surgeon job is not available in the Bitlife job board after you finish medical school you can do the following to reset the jobs that show in the job listings:

  • Close the Bitlife – Life Simulator app completely
  • Start it back up
  • Check the available jobs again

This trick refreshes the jobs that are available every time you do it. Simply do it until the job becomes available.

Alternatively, you could take a different job and check the available jobs every year while working that other job until the brain surgeon job becomes available in Bitlife.

Video Guide

If you prefer following a video guide, check out the video below. It does a pretty good job and is only 2 minutes long:

How much can you make?

Brain surgeons have a pretty high starting salary in Bitlife – Life Simulator and get frequent raises. The raise percentage you get is dependent on luck though, so you get very lucky you could get huge raises and get a very high yearly salary.

Nevertheless, there are better ways to get rich in Bitlife.




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