Brawl Stars Shelly Strategy Guide

Shelly is the very first character that you get in Brawl Stars. She is the default character that you start with, and must complete the tutorial with. While many games have these “starter” heroes or even starter items, you might quickly feel like this character is very disposable. You could not be more wrong. Shelly is actually one of the toughest characters in Brawl Stars, and is a force that should not be reckoned with.

Shelly’s Main Attack and Super

Her main attack is a shotgun with a very wide spread and a surprisingly long range. Most long-range brawlers can’t get far enough to avoid a long range battle with a Shelly. Pretty wild for a close-range shotgun character, wouldn’t you say? If you can get your target up close, her shotgun main attack does so much more damage.

Shelly’s super is beyond incredible. Most players will avoid getting anywhere near a Shelly if they see that she has her super charged. This is for a good reason. The damage it deals is immense. To add to the high damage, it also provides a knock-back effect(which also adds a very short stun side effect). To make the deal even sweeter, the blast from her super can destroy obstacles on the map.

Strategy for How to Play as Shelly

The most common technique for playing any shotgun-type character is to get as close as possible to your target to maximize damage output. With Shelly, this strategy is no different. Because of her ability to be able to land hits from a long-ish range, you can pepper your opponents from a safe distance to get a head start towards charging your super attack.

Shelly makes for a great offense player because she has a decent amount of hitpoints and can move fairly quickly. Your main strategy will be to combine a defensive playstyle until you have your super ready, then you can go on the offense.

The verdict on using bushes

Hiding in bushes makes for a great way to get around unnoticed. The best Shelly gameplay is often found to be players who use bushes as a means for closing the distance between yourself and your target. For some other brawlers, they rely heavily on hiding inside of a bush and staying there. For Shelly, it’s more about using the bushes to push ground on the map.

Who should you pick a fight and who to leave alone

Your highest priority targets will be anybody who has low health or is slow moving. You will have to be able to get close enough and do enough damage before they can do enough damage to you. It sounds like common sense, but most battles with Shelly tend to be up close and personal. This leaves you with a battle of “who has more health, here”.

Your worst enemy is going to be anybody who can move very quickly, as well as players who can attack you from a position you cannot reach. This mainly refers to throwers such as Dynamike or Barley. Your best bet for besting these brawlers is to work your way up to obtain your super attack, and destroy the tiles that separate you and the throwers. If you can’t seem to catch them, you can try “baiting” them by running away in order to give the appearance that you are fleeing because you are not confident. Once they start to pursue you, turn around and find that you are both running towards each other. This doesn’t always work, but it surprisingly works often enough to be a tip in this guide.

Which maps are best for Shelly Gameplay

The best maps for Shelly are going to be any maps that have a lot of bushes spread across the map. To add to that, it may also help to have a lot of obstacles. The reason for wanting to have bushes and obstacles is because short range characters benefit greatly from having other players to be required to navigate by making lots of turns.

When you are trying to close the distance between yourself and a target, they can easily escape you by running away in a straight line. When they are forced to make lots of twists and turns, they lose a lot of the getaway time they would have been gaining. To make it even better, the walls will offer you a comfy blanket of protection from ranged attackers. This will make it much easier to safely close the distance on your target.

Which game modes are best for Shelly

Shelly is honestly a great all around Brawler. She can perform in any game mode. Here are just a few reasons:

Gem Grab: She can deal lots of damage to multiple players at once. Her knock-back from her super ability is enough to buy your teammates time to lay the final blow on your targets. If your targets happen to be carrying 7 gems at the time, this can turn the tide of battle.

Brawl Ball: Did you know that any kind of knock-back effect will cause you to drop the ball? Shelly’s super is no different. Not to mention that you can also use the super to clear all of the obstacles on your opponents side of the field. This is a great way to make the enemy’s goal posts much wider!

Showdown: She can break power boxes fairly quickly. This is a great early-game strategy to gaining lots of strength at the start of a match. Most players will avoid you because of the damage you can punch out. This is where you can really see what Shelly’s super is made of. Her super is so strong, it doesn’t even matter how many power cubes you’re holding. You can have 2 power cubes, and people with 10+ cubes will run away from you if they see you have your super. You can very quickly whittle down 10,000 health points with a super and three main attacks.

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