The New Craze: Xbox One Custom Console Shells

It used to be that you would have to take apart your console and do your modifications to the “shell”. You’d then have to put it all back together very carefully. You would also void the warranty on the console if you took it apart. Youch! Warning: This article may turn your Xbox One console shell into a Rick and Morty display.

custom xbox one with vinyl decals
Reddit user u/stah showing off their custom xbox one console.

This is what a custom Xbox One looks like when it’s been decorated with a vinyl decal. No hassle with taking it apart. No voiding your warranty. And it only takes what…ten minutes?

What Is a Vinyl Decal?

Think of a vinyl decal like a sticker that’s been made with a really quality material. Vinyl is a material that is often held to a very high standard.

  • Feels great to the touch.
  • Always looks nice(usually matte or shiny).
  • Very durable and doesn’t wear easily.
  • Flexible

These stickers come a package to accommodate every part of your system. In most cases, you will get stickers to cover your Xbox One and controllers.

Our Favorite Xbox One Console Stickers

fifa volta skin design by raydon_40
Custom controller skin design by raydondsouza_
More of these designs on his Instragram.

Xbox One Console Shell Kit

The only downfall to using decal stickers instead of changing the housing completely is that you aren’t going to be doing more technical mods. Changing LEDs and buttons is more of a DIY project that requires much more effort.

Console shell kits are a thing of the past. Opening up your system to void your warranty and even potentially ruin your system is no longer necessary. These days, every custom console shell is made with a perfect fit vinyl decal.

These vinyl decals are built to cover your entire system and controllers to make a flawless matching design. This kit comes with decals that will cover your Xbox One console, two Xbox One controllers, and even your kinect if you use one.

Custom PS4 Shell Kit

custom ps4 and ps4 pro shell kit

A custom shell for your PS4 is easier than ever. Because of it’s squared design, you can easily stick the decal onto the faceplates of the system.

The option pictured above is a console shell wrap. It works like a perfectly sized sticker that covers the original plastic casing. You aren’t required to take anything apart(fantastic for warranty purposes).

It comes with an added bonus by including matching shell wraps for your PS4 controllers. These controller wraps come in a set of two, so if you have more than one controller, you can have them to match.

Controller Shell Replacement

One of the fastest ways to give your gaming setup a custom feel. You can change your shell simply by taking apart a couple of screws. Once the screws have been removed, you may need to pry the top and bottom housing apart. They are usually still held together by plastic clips.

A controller shell can be either really simple or really frustrating. A lot of the buttons and triggers can be difficult to place back properly when you take the controller apart.

PS4 Controller

custom ps4 controller shell

Sporting the classic N64 clear purple style(a cult classic). This transparent PS4 controller shell replacement is guaranteed to be compatible with your standard PS4 controller. There are some controllers that aren’t compatible, so it is important to do a compatibility check.

There are several options for custom shells. The brand that makes these faceplates is ExtremeRate, a brand that makes custom controller shells for all consoles.

To do a compatibility check, it involves opening the housing to check the model number. The circuit board will have a clear model number printed on it.

Compatible models: (This is only required for PS4 controllers.)

  • JDM-040
  • JDM-050
  • JDM-055

This is only required for PS4 controllers.

Xbox One Controller

custom xbox one controller shell

This controller shell replacement comes with a screwdriver and spare screws. It is guaranteed to be compatible with your standard Xbox One controller.

There are many more options on the product page when choosing which housing you want to use.

The faceplate pictured above is the Chameleon Chamillionaire. It changes color in different lighting and angles. There are solid colors and other textures available.

Xbox One Elite Controller

xbox one elite controller shell with thumb grips

The Xbox One Elite custom housing made by ElitePro provides a studded grip all throughout the controller’s faceplate for maximum grip ability.

This controller mod comes with an added bonus by including thumb grips for the analog sticks. The thumb grips that are pictured above are not spare thumb grips, but differently shaped grips to customize your grip even more.

Choose between concave and convex thumb grips and a choice in sizes.

This design is said to be made with sweat free silicone. Keep your cool by keeping your hands cool and your controller free from sweat.

DIY Custom Console Shells

A DIY project for custom console or controller shells involves the use of the original housing. Many people who are comfortable with removing the housing have made their own custom shells with crafting supplies.

The most impressive console shell DIY projects make use of the console’s power supply. People have been known to add in their own LED lights, or change the color and brightness of the lights that were there originally.

Changing LEDs and other electrical parts requires a bit more technical experience. You will need to be comfortable with a soldering iron and have a general understanding of circuitry and electricity.

You may just want to change the design on the housing. If this is the case, it can be as simple as removing the housing and painting it. It is highly recommended to learn about how to do proper finishing plastic exteriors. There are certain paints that are specially made for plastic exteriors.

A custom console shell is a growing trend that has been giving people the opportunity to really personalize their systems by using an Xbox One custom console shell. With a little bit of effort, you can either create your own shell or switch out the stock shell for one you bought online. Most console shells these days are replaced with vinyl decals that stick right to the surface. This gives an extremely low barrier of entry for customizations!