Endless Frontier Best Units Guide: How to Build Your Team

Endless Frontier best units are is Elf Sage and Aladdin. Yup. End of guide.

endless frontier best units guide

Well, not really. But it can be…for you.

How To Pick The Best Units

This isn’t really a question that can be answered in one sentence. In Endless Frontier, the best units really depend on what you need. The biggest, baddest unit may be completely useless to you if the rest of your team isn’t compatible. There are a few factors that you need to look over when considering when making decisions about your units. You may be considering buying a unit, or you just need to figure out where to spend your gems and medals. You wouldn’t want to upgrade a unit that nobody uses, right?

endless frontier guide

Magical Attack

As you climb to higher levels or dungeon bosses, you will find that certain enemies have magic immunity. Having units that use magical attacks will render them useless against this boss type. You may not even know that the boss has this ability, since bosses will change their abilities from difficulty to difficulty.

Physical Attack

Just like the magical attack, it has an attribute that can be completely negated by stronger enemies. Boss enemies will have physical immunity and any unit that uses physical attacks will be useless against that boss.

Unit Race

The race of your units is probably one of the biggest deciding factors when you are playing a long-term game. Every time you revive, you will be assigned 1 of 4 races that will have their abilities heightened. If you have mostly Orc units, but your revival life is Human, then your Orc units may not perform as well until you Revive and become an Orc again. There are also many abilities that certain units have that will boost their own race’s abilities. You can also acquire spells that are race-specific. It is highly recommended to play to your strengths when it comes to choosing units by race.

The 4 available races are:

  • Human
  • Elf
  • Undead
  • Orc

Air Attack Available

You will notice that some units have the ability to fly. This allows them to bypass any units that can’t reach them. If you are playing the regular questing mode, you will sometimes notice that your units will fly straight to the enemy crystal and start attacking it. This is due to the fact that your units AI knows that it can simply skip the trash enemies and move straight to the target. Keep in mind though, some enemy units can do this to you as well! It good to cover all of your bases, and be sure to have at least one unit that can attack air units.

Cloaking Detection Function

Some units will have an ability called Cloaking. This is similar to that of the air attack units, but instead will hide your units from the enemy. This will allow your units to attack their target without any threat of being attacked. Tougher enemies will be able to detect your unit’s cloaking ability, and you should have a unit that could do this as well. It is another form of defense that should be considered when creating a team.

Deciding Which Units Are The Best For You

It is recommended that you build your team based on a certain checklist to make sure you have all of your bases covered. You may want an equal variety of different units to get the most efficient flow in gameplay.

Here is what you should take into consideration:

  • Try to keep an equal balance of physical attack and magical attack units. This will guarantee that you will be able to clear any dungeon or quest that you may be on. The worst case scenario would be that you have 1 or 2 units that are pulling all the weight, and clearing one stage may take over 5 minutes. You want to be able to clear every stage in only a few seconds.
  • Be smart about what race your units are. You may want to revive over and over until you get the correct race for your team build. It wouldn’t be very efficient for a team of undead units to play as a revived Orc. If you don’t want to be so serious about picking race, then try to have an even spread of races on your team. Although, this option will hinder your efficiency.
  • Sell artifacts that don’t complement your team. You may find some artifacts will boost magical or physical, or even race attributes. If you are running an undead team, don’t hold onto Orc boosting artifacts.

Why Don’t You Just Tell Me Which Units To Use?!

Below this paragraph, you will find a screenshot with 4 different units. They are all at the exact same level(enhanced level and gold level). You can do this early on to decide how to compare your units against each other. Try to figure out which stats you may be lacking, and find out which units are responsible.

best team

In this screenshot, you can see 2 units that use physical attack and 2 units that use magical attack. Let’s compare the 2 units that use physical attack.

Get 2 Focus Units

By now you know that it is absolutely necessary to have at least 1 magical unit and 1 physical unit. Build up your team with a lot of focus spent on your top magic unit and top physical unit.

You want to get them as high a level as possible, and use the rest of your team’s slots for support where those units fall short. If your physical doesn’t do air units, get a unit that can pick up the slack.

It is advised that you get 3-4 healers in your team. You can start with 2-3 healers depending on how your team has been progressing. You can substitute damage units for healers once your attack units are strong enough.

Crow Knight Unit vs. Aladdin Unit:

You can see that Crow Knight has almost four times the attack power, and almost 30 times the health! It has a little less defense, but the stats clearly indicate that Crow Knight is way stronger. Let’s take a look at their respective skills.

unit tier
core guide

When you take both these unit’s skills into consideration, you can really see that they each serve a different purpose. Crow Knight is used as an attacking unit, with skills that are entirely focused on boosting it’s own attacking abilities. For a team that may need to fight a stronger opponent, this is definitely one unit that you would want to keep on your team!

Then when we look at Aladdin’s skills, we see that his abilities are entirely focused on generating as much gold as possible. Being an idle game that is highly focused on collecting gold, his skills start to look a lot more useful. When you are just starting out, and your progress is highly dependent on how quickly you can purchase quests and upgrades, Aladdin is a sure bet. Maybe later, when you have a huge gold boost without any enhancements, you won’t need him.

What Units Should I Have In My Revival Team Setup?

Putting together a revival team is a good tactic for end game players. Most setups make use of having multiple Dark Archers. For more information, check out this reddit thread talking about other people’s revival teams.

revival team setup


Pick your units based on what your team needs. Pay attention to your unit race and skills. Upgrade the units that you think you will keep for a long time. You will want to get to know all of your unit’s strengths and weaknesses to decide what makes the valuable to your team. Most importantly, don’t forget that it is just a game and you will unlock everything eventually. Try to enjoy the little things along the way, too!

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