Pokemon GO 100 IV Tracker with Coordinates

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If you live in a densely populated area, there are tight-knit communities that heavily rely on reporting rare Pokemon locations. If you’ve been playing long enough, you might have come across a few mentions of a tracker. A program that will tell you where all the best Pokemon are.

The rumors you heard are true. You can most definitely get live locations of all the rarest Pokemon. There is only one problem with getting the location of all 100 IV Pokemon. They’re usually half way across the world. To get the most out of a tracker with coordinates, you need to make us of a second trick: Teleporting(or Spoofing).

Jump Right In: 3 Methods That Work Together, Today

Method #1: Subscribe To A Feed That Scans Your Local Area

Finding tracking for your area can be difficult. You would either have to set up some pretty technical computer software for tracking Pokemon, or find somebody who is already doing it. On top of that, you probably won’t want to catch a 100 IV Charizard 45 minutes away at 12:30 a.m.

pokemon go 100 iv tracker
Screenshot of a discord message with coordinates for 100IV Charizard.

Combined with spoofing your location, a tracker will give put you on the hunt for catching nothing but the best Pokemon. You can subscribe to a feed like PokeDex100, which gives you a live message over Discord about every Pokemon worth catching.

Method #2: Use Gotcha/Go Plus In Conjuction With Method #3 for STAB Bonus

If you’re going to be spoofing, you’re going to need all the help you can get. Having Gotcha or a Go plus is going to make it super easy to collect items and catch random Pokemon. This is great for when you teleport to any major city during an event. You can expect to get 10+ shinies during any event simply because you’re always catching while you’re playing.

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Method 3: Use One Of These Spoofing Methods

Spoofing apps come and go. They start to cause a ripple effect when too many users have flocked to whichever is working right now. Most people get banned, and the spoofing app gets taken down. The core ability to spoof within Pokemon GO will never go away. You can always rely on using these methods to get your device to fake it’s location.

Spoofing Methods:

banned for spoofing
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There is a handful of apps that work like a patched version of your pokemon GO app installation. They usually provide an overlay with lots of tools. One of the most notable tools is being able to access their feed for seeing a list of pokemon and their respective IV values. In most cases, you can filter their list to only show you the ones that are 100% perfect. These usually have a monthly subscription fee.

These tools come and go quickly. They stick around for a couple months if they are lucky, and then are usually forced to shut down. Listing all of these applications would yield a very large list, with most of them being abandoned. With a little bit of digging and asking around, you can find which one is the most active ones right now.

What is a Pokemon IV?

The term IV refers to Individual Values. It is a hidden statistic that ultimately decides how strong your pokemon is in combat. Across every other pokemon game, this statistic is a little more sophisticated. In Pokemon GO, the IV will only decide how strong your pokemon are across 3 different stats. Attack, Defense, and Health. Each stat will vary between 0 and 15.

A perfect IV pokemon would have 15 attack, 15 defense, and 15 health.

Does it really matter that much?

For most players, having perfect IV won’t matter. The difference is that your pokemon may be 25% stronger than the average same pokemon. For more determined players, it can feel critical to make sure that your entire team of pokemon have strong IV values. In some difficult raid battles, every second counts. When you have a full team of high IV pokemon, it can make a noticeable difference.

Find 100 IV Pokemon

Finding a Pokemon with a perfect IV is no easy task. The simplest answer is to go outside and catch many, many pokemon! It is a good idea to be in contact with a local community that is active and will constantly report sightings of stronger pokemon. Finding that perfect IV pokemon is ultimately a numbers game. The more you catch, the better your chances are of finding one.

pokemon go appraisal

pokemon go appraisal

Whenever you catch a pokemon, you can take advantage of the Appraise feature. This will give you a general idea of your pokemon’s IV. This feature won’t ever tell you the exact IV for your pokemon, but it will give you a clue towards figuring out if your pokemon is worth keeping or not. At first, this feature may seem a little useless(especially once you hear about the apps that help even further!) but it becomes easier to understand the more you use it. After you’ve appraised hundreds of pokemon, you may not even need to double check with the IV checker apps to know whether or not to transfer your pokemon.

Pokemon IV Checking Apps that are worth checking out

As of writing this guide, there are two major Pokemon IV checker apps that are available. They don’t use your account information or read any data from the app itself. It has been proven that reading data from your account or app can trigger a ban, effectively locking out of your game and forcing you to have to start over. The policy on cheating, and what constitutes cheating has never been made explicitly clear by Niantic, but these apps have been approved by Niantic and are guaranteed to keep your account safe!

How do they work?

Both of these apps require you to provide a screenshot of your pokemon. If some information is blocked by the 3d model or something else is in the way, you may be required to enter the data manually. Once the screenshot is imported, the app scans the screenshot and discerns all the information and will be able to tell you the exact IV of your pokemon.

This is done because of the pokemon’s CP value and how it matches up with your Trainer Level. There is a clear cut formula for deciphering the exact IV value from those two stats alone.

Which one is better?

It really depends on your preference…or device. One of them only works on Android phones, and both of them have extra special features that you may need to pay to use. Besides that, both of them are very powerful and are definitely recommended if you are looking for high IV pokemon.

Poke Genie and Poke Genie APK(iPhone and Android)

Poke Genie is on both Android and iOS, but is more commonly used by iPhone users. Because Android has the capability to allow overlays, most Android users flock towards the alternative option(Calcy IV). For now, iPhone users will have to deal without having a quick and simple overlay.

all 100 iv pokemon

As you can see, it gives you a little more information that just the pokemon’s IV! It will also go into detail about their moveset, as well as show you other movesets that your pokemon can learn in order to be more effective. For free, you can upload screenshots one at a time to check your IV and movesets.

If you purchase their PRO version, you will be able to upload multiple screenshots at once. On top of that, they offer a “live IV checking” process that runs in the background. The idea is that you can see an instant IV check of every pokemon you catch. Who needs an overlay when you can get the info instantly?

Calcy IV(Android Only)

The Calcy IV app boasts one of its best features: you don’t have to leave the game to use it.

  • The overlay button shows you a neat little window popup with all the information about the pokemon you are viewing.
  • It can save the scanned pokemon. This creates a little collection of previously scanned pokemon for you to access from within the Calcy IV app for future browsing.
  • Another great feature that most people love is the encounter scanner. It will look at the pokemon IV and take your trainer level into account and tell you what the probability if that pokemon’s IV is.
  • A progress reader for all the gym badges that you are leveling up. This is good for those times where you need to know if there are any gyms that you are close to leveling up a gym badge to the next level(remember: higher gym badge levels mean higher rewards for every interaction with that gym!)

Poke Assistant IV(Website)

Poke Assistant IV check is one of the first methods players used to legitimately check their pokemon’s IV. It takes all the simple calculation that goes into finding the exact value. This tool requires that you have a pretty good understanding of how all of the core mechanics in Pokemon GO work. It can get very complicated very quickly to see all the raw data right away.

poke assistant iv

Egg Hatching(Easy)

hatching egg

One of the easiest methods for finding that perfect IV pokemon is to collect eggs and hatching them. There is a clear reason for this. There are a few special ways to catch certain pokemon, and these methods all carry a guaranteed minimum IV for pokemon encountered.

This method is the easiest because the only requirement is that you visit pokestops to find an egg. Alternatively, you may receive a unique egg as a gift from a friend. Once you incubate the egg and put the time in, the pokemon that comes out of that egg will be guaranteed to have an above-average IV rating.

Field Research Encounters(Easy)

Every time you spin a pokestop, you are rewarded with items as well as one field research task. Many tasks reward the player with items such as pokeballs or stardust. Sometimes a few rarer items will be available. One of the most common rewards is a pokemon encounter. Depending on the research task, you will encounter a specific pokemon. After you do the same task over and over, you will eventually be able to tell what kind of pokemon you will be encounter before even completing the task. Just like egg hatching, this method of catching pokemon also has a guaranteed above-average IV rated pokemon available for capture.


The task that you are given is assigned to that pokestop. There is only one task per day per stop. There is no limit to how many research tasks you can complete in one day. The only thing holding you back is how many unique pokestops you visit on that given day. Every day, the pokestop has assigned a new research task. If you find any worthwhile research tasks, be sure to share your findings with your friends. Everybody receives the same task from that pokestop!

Gym Battles and Raids(Hard)

raid battle

If you are an active player during the day(and you are near some gyms), you have surely noticed that there are raids happening everywhere. A raid encounter is typically when a stronger pokemon visits a gym and is taking challengers. There are a five difficulty levels depending on the pokemon which is visiting. They are distinguished by a small monster face icon. 1 being the lowest difficulty and 5 being the highest. On average, most players can take on a level 1 raid on their own, while level 5 raids may require a whole group of players to fight simultaneously. Raid encounters also follow the above-average IV rule for encounters. You are guaranteed to get a stronger version of a pokemon if it was defeated and captured via raid battle.

This method of catching high IV pokemon is more difficult for a few reasons.

  • To participate in a raid, you are required to spend a raid pass. Raid passes are earned once daily from playing the game naturally or can be bought from the store.
  • It is usually required to coordinate with a group of people to be able to defeat the raid pokemon.
  • Capture is NOT guaranteed. Even if your team can defeat the raid pokemon, you will still need to be able to catch it with however many premier balls you are rewarded.
  • Raids are unpredictable. You may not find the pokemon you are looking for, or you may not have any convenient raids happening near you.

If you are planning to participate in raids often, it is very highly recommended to upgrade your gym badge with all nearby gyms into gold badges. Your rewards are much higher for being an active community member. This is tracked by your gym badge level. It is also recommended to raid with players that are associated with the same team color as you(Valor, Mystic, or Instinct).

Event Boxes(Expensive but worth it)

From time to time, you can buy special store items at a price that has been severely reduced. The event boxes usually carry premium raid passes at a price that can’t be beat. When bundled with other items like incubators, you will find that you would be paying almost 90% off the original price. What does this have to do with getting pokemon with strong IV? The premium raid passes are you golden ticket for getting into more raids. Even if you don’t have time to raid right now, it is still a good idea to get these passes for days when you can get a group together and complete a handful of raids in one evening.

Use a Gotcha or Go Plus to catch lots and lots of Pokemon

There are two mainstream devices used today for the most active of players. They are both incredible to use and will make your Pokemon GO career a lot easier. Some players consider it cheating, but when you start to get into the deeper gameplay mechanics of the game, you will be glad to be on the fast track. The two devices work on both Android and iPhone. They connect via bluetooth and work similarly, with some small differences.

Gotcha Wristband

  • Auto-catches pokemon without the app being open(Saves battery life quite a lot). This uses pokeballs only. No other ball type will auto catch pokemon.
  • Auto spin pokestops without the app being open.
  • Tracks egg hatching distance progress.
  • Rechargeable battery that can be charged in about 90 minutes and can last up to 3 days on once charge.



GO Plus Wristband

  • Has a feature that will send a vibration to the device. When you pass a pokestop or when you are near pokemon, you can catch them without having to open the pokemon GO app.
  • Button with audible click that is used to catch pokemon or spin pokestops upon vibration.
  • Battery is not rechargeable. It has to be replaced every few weeks.
  • Some players prefer this over the automatic catching feature that the Gotcha has.



Pokemon GO Tracker with IV

Long gone are the days of Pokemon GO trackers. You can especially say goodbye to Pokemon GO trackers that will also include IV values. It used to be that you could open a map similar to google maps and it would show you exactly where every pokemon is, and what their IV is. This made it extremely easy to get a big collection of perfect IV rare pokemon.

pokemon go tracker iv map

Since day one, Niantic has made it explicitly clear that finding pokemon using this method is considered cheating. They have a system in place that will flag your account if you are collecting too many strong and rare pokemon within a certain time period..

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