Finishing Fortnite’s Ice Storm Challenges

Every couple of weeks, Epic games comes out with a whole new set of challenges to complete. For the completionists out there, this can be somewhat of a chore. For the challenge hunters, this is a godsend.

This time, the challenges are to hunt the ice legion. Hundreds of monsters have started appearing on the island, and your mission is to fight all the different types, with all the different ways to attack.

One challenge requires you to destroy a spawning shard at least once per game. You need to do this ten times.

A lot of these challenges can be completed by playing the game naturally. But to make any real progress, you are going to have to go out of your way to hunt down these monsters.

Golden ice brute.

One of the hardest parts of the challenges is hunting down the golden ice brutes. They are pretty rare to come by, and they have a ton of HP. To make it even harder, you need to be the one to land the killing blow to get credit for killing it.

What do you get for completing these challenges?

The most notable rewards from these challenges are the amount of experience you’ll earn, as well as a unique wrap, and a killer new glider.

What is the best way to complete these challenges?

The best way to get these challenges done is to just put the time in. Jump into any ice storm game mode, find a gun, and start attacking these monsters. It’s going to take you something like 10-25 games to get them all completed.

It all depends on how friendly the other challenge hunters in your game are. Some people might leave you alone to fight your own monsters, while others will see it as a golden opportunity to get some easy kills while you’re distracted.

Find a nice secluded area of the map and find two or three guns. Once you’ve got some guns, start attacking the monsters. They will drop more guns and enough ammo to keep you fighting. If you run low on ammo, grab your pick-axe and start using that until you find some.

Destroying the shards is a good way to make these challenges last longer. If you let the shards spawn the monsters naturally, you will get to find a lot more. They spawn monsters in waves, and each wave will spawn more. The more waves you face, you higher chance of finding elites and golden brutes you’ll have.

Be sure to use all different weapon types, as these challenges require you do damage with almost all types of damage. If you just want to get a head start on taking those numbers down, find yourself a crossbow.

For the ice storm challenge, the crossbow has received a significant boost in it’s ability. It is now a semi-automatic weapon and has unlimited ammo, and does the most damage versus monsters. You can expect to get damage around the 240 range. Did I mention that it has unlimited ammo?

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