Hitmasters Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide

Hitmasters was released not long ago by Playgendary. Playgendary has already released several successful mobile titles in the past like Kick the Buddy, Bowmasters and Polysphere. Just like their previous titles Hitmasters quickly gained popularity. If you’re looking for the best Hitmasters tips and strategies you’ve come to the right place. In this guide we’re going to go over everything you need to know to succeed in Hitmasters. Let’s get started!

1. Take your time

There is no time limit for any of the levels in Hitmasters, so there’s no need to go fast.

You might be tempted to rush through the game. However, going too fast leaves you prone to making mistakes. Therefore, it’s essential that you take your time to not miss the targets and specific details in the puzzles. If you go to fast there’s a pretty decent chance of accidentally hitting hostages or screwing up other aspects of the level. This means you’ll have to start over which makes rushing it pointless.

2. Use as few shots as possible

This tip ties in the to the previous one. If you take your time, you’ll be able to finish stages with more shots still available. You want to use as few shots as possible because you’ll be rewarded with more money at the end if you have more money left over. Take a look at the left side of your screen to see how many shots you still have available.

Sometimes levels can’t be beaten in 1 shot, and that’s fine. Nevertheless, take your time so you don’t waste shots unnecessarily.

2. Learn the different weapons & modes

Hitmasters features 4 different weapons and modes and knowing what they do makes a big difference. These are the 4 modes that are available:

Gravity Mode: In gravity mode you’ll have access to the gravity gun. The gravity guns let you suck objects towards you and then shoot them back at enemies (sort of like Kirby). And make no mistake; you’re not restricted to only grabbing objects. You can also grab enemies and then fire them at other enemies. This allows you to kill multiple birds with one stone.

hitmasters gravity mode

Shotgun Mode: Shotgun mode requires no explanation. Everyone knows what a shotgun does.

hitmasters shotgun mode

Ricochet Mode: In Ricochet Mode you can bounce the bullets you shoot off walls and objects. This mode is quite fun because it requires more thought.

ricochet mode hitmasters

Toxic Mode: In Toxic Mode you throw vials with poison. These are kind of like grenades and explode on impact.

hitmasters toxic mode

3. Be careful with the hostages

There are levels in the game that have hostages in them. Keeping them safe is essential because if you don’t you’ll fail. In some of the levels it’s very obvious how you can keep them safe. In others though, there’s some thinking required. Refer back to our first tip of taking your time to figure out how to eliminate the enemies while simultaneously keeping the hostages safe.

4. Take advantage of the free stuff

Similarly to most mobile games nowadays you can watch ads to get free stuff. In Hitmaster this is usually in the form of skins for your character or free weapons. These ad rewards usually cost in-game money so they’re a good bonus to take advantage of. Something I always do is when I need to go to the bathroom I just run an ad and let it play when I’m gone. Then when I’m back the ad will have finished playing and you can claim your reward.

You can also watch ads to get more money. Money is used to unlock new weapons.

Lastly, you can watch ads to unlock all the 3 boxes at the lucky shop event between stages. Normally you can only unlock one of them, but if you watch an ad you can unlock all of them.

5. Watch a walkthrough if you get stuck

There are several people uploading walkthroughs of Hitmasters on YouTube. If you get stuck on a certain stage watching a walkthrough is an easy way to keep going.

Some people might think that this is kind of cheating, but personally I play these kind of games for fun. Being stuck on a certain stage for a long time isn’t fun for me so I have no problem using these walkthroughs.


That’s all for our Hitmasters tips and tricks! We hope you found this guide helpful and that you’ll succeed in beating the game. If you follow these tips, it shouldn’t be too hard 🙂

If you have any other tips or suggestions that you’d like us to add to this guide feel free to leave a comment down below.


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