How to Get Star Tokens in Brawl Stars

Getting tons of star tokens is surely the fastest method to upgrading all of your brawlers. If your priority is to upgrade your brawlers as quick as possible, then you may want to hear about all of the ways you could be earning Star Tokens.

First of all, you should understand that there are two types of tokens you can be earning:

  • Battle Tokens
  • Star Tokens

Both of these tokens are earned from playing the game regularly, but are rewarded to you differently. If your priority is to upgrade your brawl stars heroes, then star tokens are only a small part of doing so.

What Are Tokens Used For?

Tokens are your reward for playing the game. The two types of tokens only serve one purpose: to open brawl boxes. Formerly knows as “battle keys” and “star keys”, these can open the loot boxes that contain all kinds of goodies that are used for upgrading your brawlers.

get star tokens to open a big box
Getting 10 Star Tokens rewards you with a Big Brawl Box.

Every brawl box contains a chance at these rewards:

  • Coins
  • Gems
  • Event Tickets
  • Power Points
  • Key Doubler Points
  • A New Brawler

There are 3 types of brawl boxes:

  • Brawl box
  • Big brawl box
  • Mega brawl box

A regular brawl box will give you a handful of coins and a few power points for a brawler or two, three if you’re lucky. Many people have reported finding many of their new brawlers from regular brawl boxes, or “free boxes”.

A big brawl box is said to contain three time as many rewards as a regular brawl box. You can expect to get 50+ coins and a hefty amount of power points from these boxes. They can be earned for free by collecting star tokens. You can expect to get one every 2-3 days from regular play.

A mega brawl box is said to contain ten times the amount from a regular brawl box. You can expect to see close to 300 coins and a lot of power points for many of your brawlers. This is the fastest way to upgrade all of your brawlers.

How to Get Star Tokens

Currently, the only way to earn star tokens is to compete in new events. At any given time there will be 5 events for you to participate in. Four out of five of these events are regular game modes that vary between maps and variants. Each event lasts approximately 20 hours.

When an event ends, a new one will take it’s place. Every new event will come with a brand new star token that you will be eligible to claim. To claim your star token, you must play this game mode. Not only do you have to play it, but you need to win a match.

If the event that you need a star token for is a showdown event, you don’t necessarily need to win to get your star token. Star tokens are rewarded to showdown participants who place in the top 4 ranking. This makes it much less frustrating to claim this start token, and can often be obtained by playing passively(you can simply hide in a bush and avoid other players until you and a few other players are left.)

How to Get Battle Tokens

There is actually a lot of different ways to earn battle tokens. On a regular day, you can expect to earn over 150 tokens from regular play. If you want to push your limits, you can easily get over 300 tokens in one day. You need 100 tokens to open 1 regular brawl box.

Using a token doubler is an incredible way to increase your earnings. You can buy a token doubler from the shop that will double the amount of tokens you earn for the next 1000 tokens. This may seem like a lot at first, but you would be surprised how fast this gets used up. You won’t regret buying, though. You can also get a token doubler with a smaller value(50-200) from brawl boxes.

Here are all the different ways to earn battle tokens:

Battle Token Exhausted Allowance

Token Gain: 20 tokens every 150 minutes

Approximately every 2 hours 30 minutes, your account is eligible to earn another 20 battle tokens. This is an allowance given to you to slow down and limit your progress. You can hold a maximum allowance of 100 tokens.

These tokens are claimed by playing the game regularly. In most game modes, you are rewarded 20 tokens from your allowance for every match you win. You will still earn tokens for lost matches, but you will only earn 10 tokens.

Showdown rewards you with a different set amount of tokens for winning. Depending on your placement. You can earn up to 36 tokens in one match by winning a game of Showdown.

Reveal New Events

Token Gain: 10-50 per day

Every time an event expires, a new one takes it’s place. To participate in the new event, you must first tap on the big yellow “New Event!” banner that covers the event page.

Simply revealing the new event will grant you 10 tokens. This works for every new event, and can produce an easy 50 tokens if you haven’t uncovered all of the events for that day.

Rank Up With Your Brawler

Token Gain: 100+ per day

Your brawlers fall into a ranking system. You may have noticed that you’ve been earning trophies when you win matches. This trophy count is unique to each brawler, and therefore they will all have to their own personal rank.

As you earn more trophies, your brawler will advance in ranking. For every advancement, you will earn 10 trophies. This is a fantastic source of battle tokens, especially when you use a brawler that you just unlocked. You can earn hundreds of extra tokens each day by keeping all of your brawlers ranked up.

Level Up Your Account

Token Gain: 20-40+ per day

For every match you play, you are earning experience points. These points count towards your account’s level, which doesn’t do much besides reward you with battle tokens! As you gain more levels, you will be required to earn more and more points to get to the next level.

This is a natural way to earn tokens, since you get them just from playing the game. For each level up, you can expect 20 tokens to be waiting for you. You can earn these tokens faster by winning more often than you lose. The experience reward is always greater for the winning team. To make the deal even sweeter, star players earn an additional 80% experience than the rest of the team! So put in the effort and you will be rewarded.

Play In Ticketed Events

Token Gain: 25-1000+

Events that have the red background require tickets to participate. The tokens rewarded from this game mode are not taken from your allowance, and can be done as often as you like. You will need to spend event tickets to get these tokens, though.

Earning hundreds of tokens from the event ticketed game modes

Events give you the option to spend many tickets at once. Your average performance with 1 ticket spent should reward you close to 20-30 tokens. If you spend 10 tickets for that match, you will receive ten times the reward amount. If you spent 20 tickets, you would get 20 times the reward. You can get hundreds of tokens this way, even without spending any money.

Open Those Brawl Boxes

Opening as many boxes as you can is the key to having the strongest brawlers in any given match.

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