How to Improve Aim in FPS Games on PC

Some of the biggest games out right now are first person shooters. If you want to play with your friends(and be helpful), you should look into using an fps aiming trainer. This is a proven method for improving aim in FPS games, especially on PC. One of the most popular tools to practice fps aim is Aim Hero. 

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What is Aim Hero?

Aim Hero is a tool that plays like a first person shooter game. It features a handful of settings and different training modes to help you improve aim and reaction times as well as fine tune your mouse sensitivity(including presets from various FPS games).

aim hero is it worth it

When you run one of the training modes, it keeps track of all of your performance statistics and gives you a score at the end of each training module.

This tool has been said to help many players improve their aiming and reaction time in all shooter games.

This is an early access game that is constantly under development. They are always adding new training modes at the request of the community. The list of features is always growing.

What Kind of Aim Training Does Aim Hero Provide

There is a nice list of modes where you can do all sorts of training. For every mode, you can choose a few settings to change the difficulty of the training. This is a fantastic way to warm up before diving into competitive or ranked matches. It will give you a pretty clear idea of how sharp your skills are today.

The current list of training modes are:

  • Classic
  • Strafing
  • Penta
  • Simple
  • Reflex
  • Fast Aiming
  • Lightning Gun
  • Time Trial
  • Sniping

For every training mode, the settings are:

  • Map
  • Preset + Name(Allows for saving training mode settings)
  • Time Limit
  • Player Distance
  • Max Target Size

Games that have preset mouse settings:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO)
  • Overwatch
  • PUBG
  • Fortnite
  • Paladins
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Quake Champions.
  • and more planned in future version.

Is Aimhero Worth It?

This is a question that gets thrown around a lot. While there are other aim training tools out there, Aimhero has gotten a lot of praise from people who have invested the time into making it part of their daily routine.

Improved Speed

One of the biggest improvements that people have complimented Aimhero for is their increased speed. As you improve you speed, you will notice that the amount of target tracking you need to do is significantly reduced.

The concept of tracking is your target is based on your ability to quickly aim at them. If your aim ability is slow, you won’t have the cross-hair close enough to your target, and then you will need to track them to take the shot.

If you have a high speed for accuracy, you will be able to focus your cross-hair closer to your target when you aim at them. This leaves you with very little tracking work.

Increase Headshot Percentage

Another big improvement that players have found from Aimhero is that their rate of successful headshots has drastically improved. Many players have reported that doing 15-30 minutes of Aimhero training has made their precision aiming much more consistent with almost every type of gun.

Doing the training gives you a calmer, more confident approach to taking calculated shots. Players find that they “choke” much less when they have a calmer demeanor to their games.

No Loading Screen

This isn’t a game, it’s an application. You don’t need to load tons of files and models, so as soon as you launch the game, you can get started. This is one of the nicest, less talked about features of Aim hero.

Since it’s such a simple application, you can do a really quick warm-up without any downtime. It is also recommended to use Aim hero to cool down after you’ve been playing. This is a good way to see how your skills change after you’ve become tired.

Aim Sensitivity Converter

The games in the “supported games” list has a built-in converter for aim sensitivity. This takes the mouse sensitivity settings that these games uses and allows you to practice your Aim hero training modes with those settings.

Rank Up

All across the board, people who have made Aim hero a part of their gaming routine have reported an improved ranking in their FPS game of choice.

This tool has been highly recommended for players who are stuck in their current rank and feel that they have plateaued. You almost almost guaranteed to go climb a few ranks in competitive/ranked matches.

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