Brawl Stars Accounts Underground Market

You may have some questions about the state of buying and selling accounts for the popular mobile game, Brawl Stars. We can tell you right now that it is booming and there is a lot of opportunity out there. You can make a couple quick dollars for playing an account for even a week.

Some players are even paying for others to play theirs accounts for them! People want to push trophies or collect tokens, but don’t have the time. Don’t want your account to fall behind of the curve? Just pay someone five to ten dollars to play your account for a few days.

How To Sell My Brawl Stars Account

Selling a Brawl Stars account can be done in several ways. It usually has to do with finding someone who interested in paying good money for an account that’s been upgraded enough to be worth something.

You can try your luck by posting on reddit, facebook, or a gaming forum. To get right to business, you can just go to and list your account or services for sale.

How Much Is My Brawl Stars Account Worth?

Before you go appraising how much your current account is worth, you should check out what other people are offering. There is more than just account selling going on. People are making good money by selling services. If you’re good with a certain brawler, you can boost someone else’s account for a fee.

Maybe you’re already a veteran at selling accounts. Are you looking to quickly boost the value of your account for re-selling? There are a lot of people ready to take control of your account to play it for you. Getting started is as easy as creating a listing on G2G and buy or sell whatever you have ready.

brawl stars accounts
how to sell brawl stars account

These are just some G2G screenshots of a few accounts for sale. You can expect to at least $50 for a decent account. If you’ve built up the account to a respectable size, you can expect to make even more. There are many accounts that are fetching hundreds of dollars right now.

What is G2G? is a website that makes it’s money by brokering deals between gamers. There are many different games with an economy that can be re-sold. Many games have gold or valuable accounts for sale. They make their money by taking a small percentage of every sale. For this, they offer a service as the middle-man to make sure the exchange goes smoothly and nobody has to worry about scammers.

Creating listings on G2G is free, but they take 9.99% of every sale as a completion fee.

Account Boosting

Boosting accounts is becoming a big market for players who are just looking to make some quick cash. Selling your time for boosting the trophy count for other player’s accounts is becoming very popular.

Have you maxed out your account, and now you are considering setting up a smurf account? If you’re not sure about whether you want to keep playing your main account or to start a new one, considering offering your skills to other players. There are lots of different packages being offered currently.

For Example:

  • +200 Trophy Boost in range 0-2000: $5.39
  • +100 Trophy Boost in range 4000-6000: $6.73
  • Piper, Bo, and Barley to 700 trophies: $39.06
  • Trophy Boost 8000-10000: $92.94
  • Trophy Boost 2000-4000: $52.53

Selling Entire Accounts

Selling your account might seem like you’re letting go of something you’ve grown attached to. Here’s some great news: you can just start a smurf account. Playing an alternate account, and sell that one. If you unlock a legendary, you strike oil! Accounts with legendary brawlers sell for much more than accounts without them.

The stats that every account has can change the value of it. There are a few things you need to consider.

  • Trophy Count
  • How Many Brawlers Unlocked
  • Name Change Available
  • Legendary Brawlers
  • Star Points/Coins/Gems

How To Switch Accounts

saved supercell accounts
Account Selection Screen

It isn’t exactly made clear for how to log out of your account. It actually takes a few steps to set up for you to have a comfortable set up where you can easily cycle between active accounts. It becomes as easy as logging into different Supercell accounts.

Once you’re set up, you can easily log out of one account and login to another.

How To Max Out Account

You could argue there are lots of different ways to max out your account. You can play every day for 6 months, or share your account with your friends. It can also depend what you consider “maxed out”. Are you after a certain trophy count? Power level? Or how many brawlers were unlocked?

Maxing out a Brawl Stars account can really come down to who is running the account. Everyone has their own in-game goals. Maxing different parts of the game all comes down to what you’re looking to get at the moment.

How To Unlink My Brawl Stars Account

brawl stars login screen
Login Screen

Unlinking your account is a fairly simple process. The easiest way to log out of your account is to first connect your e-mail to a Supercell account. This is an important step because the option to log out is only available to Supercell account holders. 

Once you’ve connected Supercell to an e-mail address, you can click on the supercell account button within your settings. Here you will find an option to log out, or to install some of their other games. By logging out, you get to the game’s login screen. Here, you can either start a brand new account, or log in to an existing account.

How To Recover Brawl Stars Account

Recovering an account can mean two things:

You are wondering how to log in to another account in order to play it. This is often called recovering an account because the process is similar to logging in to an existing account.

You have lost access to your account and are looking to regain control of it. In which case, the best chance for you to get your account back is to contact Supercell Support.

When Can You Get A Name Change

Every account is eligible for one free name change. This becomes effective as soon as your account reaches level 5. Make sure you don’t use this name change if you ever plan to sell your account. This simple option can increase the value of your account as players want to be able to use their own names if they are buying an account to use as their main.

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