Huge List of Sonic Characters(TV and Video Games)

Sonic the Hedgehog is a video game franchise that started in 1991 about Sonic, a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog, who was pitted against Doctor Eggman who was the villain. From a video game, Sonic the Hedge also introduced a TV series that has, over the years, added dozens of recurring characters. Here is a list of all Sonic characters both in TV and video game.

Sonic the Hedgehog

The titular character and protagonist, Sonic the Hedgehog has the amazing ability of super speed. He is the fastest hedgehog in the world capable of using the 7 Chaos Emeralds. By using the emeralds, Sonic turns into Super Sonic and run in speeds even faster than before.

He runs at supersonic speeds then curls into a ball to attack his enemies. Sonic hates oppression and is a staunch supporter of freedom. He has an easy-going and quick-witted personality although with a bit of a short temper and impatience, especially with slower things.

Doctor Eggman

Doctor Eggman’s real name is Doctor Ivo Robotnik. He is a mad scientist as well as the series’ main antagonist. Doctor Eggman is a genius whose IQ level of 300. He likes mechas, which made him a famous robotics specialist. His goal is world dominations to create his ideal perfect utopia known as Eggmanland, also called Robotnikland and Eggman Empire.

Eggman’s efforts to stop Sonic have always been by using his robotic creations. He is always trying to create more powerful robots to achieve his goals. His intentions are always made to look like he is one of the good guys, but it is always revealed that he has some sort of evil plan brewing behind the scenes.

Miles Prower, aka, “Tails”

Miles Prower, whose nickname is Tails, is a two-tailed fox. He is the best friend as well as the sidekick of Sonic. His twin tails can be used to thrust towards the air but only for a limited time. He was bullied before he met Sonic due to having two tails. He has prodigious mechanical ability and high IQ.

His name Miles Prower also has an allusion the term “miles per hour”. You can expect him to be riding in one of his own creations whether it is a robot made for fighting or an airplane for getting around.

Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic is Dr. Eggman’s creation, a robot who is Sonic’s evil version. His orders were to go back to the past to change it so Dr. Eggman will rule the future.  He can only communicate through electronic noises but was able to talk in his Neo form.

His abilities tend to grow as he continues to fail whenever he faces up against sonic. He becomes more and more angry, eventually becoming an even worse badnik for Sonic.

Amy Rose

Amy Rose is the self-proclaimed girlfriend of Sonic. She is a pink female hedgehog who was kidnapped by Metal Sonic in Sonic CD. Her nickname was “Rosy the Rascal” and “Princess Sally.” She doesn’t have speed or strength and only uses the “Piko Piko Hammer” as her weapon.

Despite not having any special abilities, she is often very capable when it comes to finding people. She has an intuition that draws her towards clues and hints as to where somebody may be, no matter where they may be.

Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles was Sonic’s friendly rival who resides on Angel Island. He is the Echidna peoples’ only surviving member and is responsible for guarding the Master Emerald. He has many abilities and is among the series’ strongest characters.

A forceful character, he is often the type of person who is ready to rush into any situation without thinking first. He is always ready to fight for what he believes in, and it can be very difficult to change his mind. Once Knuckles knows what he needs to do, he will not stop until he finishes his mission.

This can be one of his biggest downfalls. There have been multiple incidents where Knuckles put other’s lives in danger in order to secure the master emerald.


EggRobo is a humanoid robot in the shape of an egg that looks like Doctor Eggman. He and Dr. Eggman were the enemies in some of the storylines in Sonic the Hedgehog TV series and video game.

As one of Robotnik’s popular badniks, many eggrobo appear in many different Sonic games. Sometimes they come armed with different weapons.

Nack the Weasel

Nack was also called Fang the Sniper in Japan. Nack is a purple hybrid of wolf and weasel who’s a treasure hunter searching for the Chaos Emeralds. He only wants the emeralds to sell for profit, not knowing their powers.

Nack is a comic book character from the Sonic comic books.

Team Chaotix

The Chaotix first appearance was in the Knuckles’ Chaotix game as main characters. They are known to be “charming” and were added to prevent fans from becoming tired of the new characters.

The Chaotix members are:

Charmy Bee

Charmy Bee is a member of the Chaotix. He is a scatter-brained and funny bee with a curious, careless, cheerful, playful, and quite an energetic personality. He is the group’s cute mascot.

His role in Team Chaotix is to trace down hints and clues. He can track almost any objective.

Espio the Chameleon

Espio is an anthropomorphic chameleon and an expert ninja. He is the Chaotix’s “guardian of honor” known for his “militaristic discipline,” calm and laidback attitude.

Being able to reach high speeds is one of his best abilities. This allows him to go toe to toe with Sonic, with the added ability of being able to create illusions of himself.

Vector the Crocodile

Vector is the Chaotix Detective Agency’s head. He is the brains and is sometimes bossy. He can also be easy-going and kind with a strong sense of justice despite being argumentative.

His endgame is to make lots of money. He will take any job if it pays well enough. He has been known to do some work for Eggman.

The Chaotix team has served as a way to help the Sonic games build some side story missions. They are usually chasing down stories that are happening alongside the main event.

Mighty the Armadillo

Mighty is a black and red armadillo. He is a traveler who has a great love for nature and wants to see every place he can. He is gentle, doesn’t like violence, but is capable of it when needed.

Another speed type character. He has abilities very similar to Sonic’s speed and attacks. His very passive nature leaves him out of most violent situations.

Big the Cat

Big the Cat is a big, purple anthropomorphic cat. He has yellow eyes and long ears with an easy-going and laid back personality. Normally, he lives a peaceful life with Froggy, his best friend.

Big the Cat isn’t capable of being worried. He will always be in a state of wonder and amazement. Ironically, he wonders why everybody around him move so fast.


Froggy is a frog and Big the Cat’s best friend. He swallowed a Chaos Emerald and undergone a transformation gaining a Chaos’ tail. Big and his friends rescued him.

It is possible that Froggy is from an older Sonic level called Frog Forest. In this level, there are many frogs that appear to show the same abilities that Froggy has.


Chaos is a Chao capable of manipulating its body. After being mutated by the Chaos Emeralds, it serves as the species’ guardian. It acts as the protector of the Master Emerald, providing clear water that surrounds its altar.

Chaos changes his form every time he gets another chaos emerald. Each emerald that is collected will present a chance to his powers and appearance.


E-Series is Doctor Eggman’s creation. They are robots that the doctor uses to realize his goal to dominate the world. Many of the robots have their own ways of thinking, and essentially function as officers in Eggman’s army.

The E-Series include:

E-100 Alpha (aka Zero)

E-100 Alpha is also known as E-100 Zero, a huge green robot that is the first robot in the series. Dr. Eggman created him to collect the Chaos Emerald from Birdie, Amy Rose’s friend.

One of Eggman’s less inspired creations. It lacks many of the features that the newer models use for combat and mobility. He serves better as a robot to stand in somebody’s way, rather than fight them.

E-102 Beta

One of Eggman’s first creation for the E-100 robots. Beta was very quickly sent to test out his abilities as soon he was created. Eggman would test his creations against each other to observe what could be done better.

Beta would soon receive an upgrade that slightly altered his appearance and would then become significantly more powerful. His color scheme remains the same so you could tell it was still him.

His legs have been replaced by thrusters, allowing him to float and move much faster. His missile launchers are replaced by energy cannons. The weapons on his arms are now behind a shield.

E-102 Gamma

E-102 Gamma is another of the robots in E-100 series. His mission is to gather Chaos Emeralds after E-101 Beta’s defeat. He has a conscience, unlike the other E-series at the time.

Gamma had a sad story about fighting against his brother robots and coming to terms with his existence having to come to an end. He learns that he and his brother are powered by innocent animals and begins a mission to free the animals, even if he can’t live too.

E-123 Omega

E-123 Omega is another of the E-100 series robots with the mission of containing and controlling Shadow the Hedgehog.

It wasn’t long until Omega joined Shadow’s team. He turned against Eggman and now does whatever he wants. He has free will and follows his own missions.


Omochao is a Chao but robotic. He has propeller located on the head. He has a supporting character used to teach players how to play the video game.

Appearing in almost all Sonic games, Omochao knows everything and is always ready to aid anybody who needs to know about something. He can also talk to animals.


Tikal is Chief Pachacamac’s daughter. He descends from the Knuckles tribe, just like Knuckles the Echidna. She opposes the power-hungry ways of her father.

Tikal was able to stop Chaos by sacrificing herself to the cause. She used the master emerald as a prison for Chaos, but had to go there as well. Later, she and Chaos would be released by Eggman.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog is an artificially-created life form. His design comes from a male, anthropomorphic hedgehog like Sonic. He has a hover that can skate at great speeds like that of Sonic’s.

In the story that he was created for, his life begins and ends. He is a genetic creation that can control the power of the chaos emeralds. He gained a lot of popularity as being one of Sonic’s coolest rivals. His abilities are equal to Sonic’s, and can even control the power of the emeralds like Sonic.

Professor Gerald Robotnik

The Professor is Maria’s Robotnik’s and Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik’s grandfather. He tried creating the “Ultimate Life Form” known as Shadow the Hedgehog fifty years prior to the series. It was to find a cure for Maria’s illness.

He is responsible for creating most of the infrastructure that Eggman uses for his own ambitions. Many of the factories, designs, and robots were created and implemented by Gerald. Eggman makes his own additions and improvements to his research.

Maria Robotnik

Maria Robotnik is Professor Gerald Robotnik’s granddaughter and Dr. Eggman’s cousin. She has an incurable disease known as NIDS or Neuro-Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. She is close to Shadow the Hedgehog and has a profound influence on his personality.

Although Maria had a disease that meant she was going to die, she died in the ARK when it was attacked. Her brave decisions allowed Shadow the survive by escaping the attack, while she stayed behind.

Rouge the Bat

Rouge is a female, white bat. She is a professional treasure hunter always searching for jewels. She is self-proclaimed the “World’s Greatest Treasure Hunter.” She is manipulative and scheming.

Her desire for collecting jewels, and her incredible detective work has made her a valuable asset for the government. She has incredible strength close to that of Knuckles. She teams up with Shadow to be able to complete her mission.

Cream the Rabbit

Cream is a peach-colored anthropomorphic rabbit. She is often seen with Cheese, her Chao. She is naïve, always polite, but can be childish as her mother Vanilla, brought her up like a princess.


Blaze the Cat

Blaze is a purple cat princess who hails from an alternate dimension. She is the Sol Emeralds’ appointed guardian. She is calm and level-headed strictly dedicated to her position.

Eggman Nega

Eggman Nega is the Dr. Eggman of the alternative reality. He is Blaze the Cat’s arch-enemy. His appearance is the same with Dr. Eggman, but he has a different personality.

Babylon Rogues

The Babylon Rogues includes Jet the Hawk, Storm the Albatross, and Wave the Swallow, who are avian thieves.

Jet the Hawk

Jet is a green hawk, the Babylon Rouges’ leader. His nickname is “Legendary Wind Master” because of his Extreme Gear’s mastery.

Wave the Swallow

Wave is a purple swallow and the mechanic of the current team. She has superb knowledge of the mechanics of Extreme Gear and highly gifted on her craft.

Storm the Albatross

Storm is a hulking albatross. He is the Babylon Rouges’ muscle and the “right-hand man” of Jet the Hawk. He has great destructive power and extremely loyal to Jet.

Silver the Hedgehog

Silver is an anthropomorphic hedgehog with silver furs. He comes from the main timeline’s future, around 200 years. Together with Blaze the Cat, he believes Sonic is the cause of the future destruction of their world. Thus, he attempts to kill him by coming to the past.

Orbot and Cubot

Orbot is Dr. Eggman’s robotic assistant who generally monitors the data and makes sarcastic remarks on the flaws of the doctor’s plans. He sometimes appears with another robot known as Cubot, who is a bit slow and has a defect that causes it to speak with varying accents randomly.

Ray the Squirrel

Ray appears only once in the game series as a playable character alongside Sonic and Mighty the Armadillo.

Skypatrol Villains, Battle Kukku Army, and Bean the Dynamite

They are other characters in the game that has only been seen once.

Bark the Polar Bear

Bark was a playable character that is possessed by Chaos Emeralds in Sonic the Fighters.

Marine the Raccoon

Marine was a supporting character in Sonic Rush Adventure who comes from the dimension where Blaze the Cat came.

Sticks the Badger

Sticks is an orange and brown badger. He was first seen in the Sonic Boom animated television series. Her character is wild and energetic and has lived for most of her life in the wilderness alone.

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