Killzone 2 1.20 Patch Released

GamersDigest have received word from Seb Downie (Producer over at Guerilla Games) that the Killzone 2 servers are currently being updated.

“We are performing a server update and will also be deploying the game update straight after that to fix a number of issues.

The patch will be going live in Europe first and the US later on today.

The maintenance is expected to last no longer than one hour, you can find an earlier response from GG on some of the game’s issues here.

UPDATE; The patch (1.20) has been released, it is 16MB, full list of changes below;

  • Stability issue regarding randomly named games resolved.
  • Stability fix when rapidly tapping (X) can cause crash on spawn-select.
  • Stability issue regarding Saboteur’s disguise ability resolved.
  • Stability fix on ‘Creating game’ with a blank name.
  • Stability fix for repeatedly entering exiting game.
  • The Ignore list functionality corrected.
  • Unlock of “Frontrunner” Medal now functioning correctly.
  • Fix for incorrect award of win to clan not showing for game resolved.
  • Battle Replay for Corinth Crossing not appearing correctly on
  • Issue with not being able to defuse the Search and Destroy objective resolved.
  • HUD issue correction during Assassination mode when playing as a Medic.
  • Controller input tweaks and modifications.
  • Fix for auto-lock on of shotgun exploit.
  • Fix for D-Charge issues in Campaign mode.

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