Realm Grinder Guide: All-In-One Wiki

Reading guides for Realm Grinder is something that some players wouldn’t recommend. The game has a lot of hidden little features that are fun to explore and discover on your own. That being said, most players definitely do use a guide at some point. After a certain point, there is a lot of customization available. This has brought on a pretty healthy set of discussions for how to play effectively.

Sometimes during one of your runs, you may find that you hit a wall. Your production comes to a stand-still and your efforts feel useless. Maybe you don’t want to miss a few trophies along the way.

These are the two most useful resources you could possibly find when it comes to learning about all the moving parts to Realm Grinder. I would recommend going to the wiki for general information, and the musicfamily site for more in-depth discussion. If you use Reddit, you’ll be happy to hear that there is a pretty active community in the Realm Grinder subreddit.


Trophies are shown to you in 5 different categories.


Allegiance Trophies are faction specific. They are achieved by unlocking all the upgrades for each faction. Some of them are gained by just unlocking certain factions and making them playable.


Misc Trophies are the ones that feel more like achievements. They are highly focused on the milestones that you come across over an extended period of play. These trophies are all about how many coins, gems, rubies, and faction coins you’ve collected, and how you collected them.


Magic Trophies are centered around all game mechanics that deal with using mana and casting spells. They are mostly centered around milestones such as mana produced or how many times you cast your spells. Later on in the game, these trophies are required to unlock higher tier trophies for unlocking more powerful version of the spells you would normally use.


Buildings Trophies are unlocked simply by building lots and lots of buildings. At first, you will get a trophy for every hundred buildings per building type. Eventually, you will need to buy 500 or even 1,000 buildings to get the next trophy. The final building trophy for every building is 12,000 buildings.


Secret Trophies are earned for completing really specific tasks. Some of the will be earned naturally, but most of them require some careful calculation. These are definitely worth going after because most of the come with permanent upgrades.

Trophy Guides

That being said, it is in your best interest to find as many easy trophies as early as possible. The rest should come naturally over time. A good portion of the secret trophies can be unlocked in your first reincarnation. If you’re looking to scoop up as many trophies as you can early on, check out this guide at

Here are some quick trophies you can start with:

Hall of Fame Upgrade for Hall of Legends

One of the most notable upgrades you will come across is the Hall of Fame upgade for the Hall of Legends building. This upgrade is a direct nitrous boost to any playthrough.

hall of fame upgrade

By the time you can unlock it, the price to buy is practically free. It gives you an insane boost to production, and can really help push that gem limit. This upgrade becomes available somewhere around 800-900 Hall of Legends buildings built. If you are starting to slow down and are ready to abdicate, try to get this upgrade first. It may be the make or break upgrade for your current run.

How to Get The Equality Trophy

As you can see in this screenshot, the equality trophy provides you with a permanent upgrade that boosts production of all buildings by 100%. This is one of the strongest little secret upgrades that you can unlock, and you definitely should take some time to try getting it. It makes a big difference in the long-term.

equality realm grinder

There is quite a bit of confusion as to how to obtain it, but once you read this, you will know exactly what it is and how to get it. One of the most discussed secret trophies in Realm Grinder is the equality trophy. 

equality trophy description

To unlock the Equality trophy, the description reads “With no less than 3 days of playtime, have less than 1 minute of playtime difference for Good, Evil, and Neutral alignments.

Do you have any questions? I bet you do. Here are the answers:

Is this total time or per reincarnation?

It is per reincarnation. If you are on your very first reincarnation, you can refer to your total time.

I have 12~ish hours played per alignment. What gives?

What the description doesn’t tell you is that you need to play each faction for at least 24 hours.

Three alignments with over 24 hours played time AND less than 3 days played time? What?

Don’t pay attention to that. The “under 3 days of playtime” does not actually apply. You can have 4 days on each alignment. So long as the played time for each is within a minute of each other, you will get the trophy.

Is there an easy way to do this?

Yes! You only really have to pay attention to the first 2 alignments that you choose. Play one alignment for 24 hours. Switch to the second alignment, then play it for 24 hours. Finally, switch the third alignment and wait. You can still unlock this trophy even you are offline. Once the third alignment reaches 24 hours, the trophy will be yours and you will never have to think about it agiain.


Artifacts are like a tougher version of trophies. These are unlocked by a method called excavation. They’re split into two categories: quest artifacts and lore artifacts.

Eligible Artifacts

Quest artifacts are unlocked through natural progression and will usually unlock new factions for you to play as. Lore artifacts are unlocked through specific conditions upon excavation. It may require you to play as a specific faction or even to cast a certain spell enough times. Once you are eligible for the artifact, you can excavate for a chance to unlock it.

Some artifacts will bring permanent upgrades for you to unlock in future games. Just like trophies, it may be in your best interest to discover as many artifacts as early as possible.

Be careful, every time you excavate, the price will increase by 20%. This can become very expensive very quickly. The price will reset anytime you reincarnate.

Research Tasks


In realm grinder, one of the first things you do is choose which faction you want to play as. At the start of the game, there are 6 factions. 3 evil factions and 3 good factions. Each has their special perks that complement different styles of play.


The Fairy faction will reward you for being a very active player that doesn’t spend much time being idle. You are highly rewarded for active clicks. Their perks lean towards building a lot of farms, inns, and blacksmiths.


The Elven faction is one of the strongest factions to play as, no matter what stage of the game you are in. They have perks that boost your production based on stats across your entire play through. The longer you play, the stronger this faction becomes.


The Angel faction is known for having an amazing mana regeneration rate as well as mana pool. There are several trophies that are focused on using a lot of mana, and angels are almost always your best bet for unlocking these trophies.


The Goblin faction works similar to the Elven faction. They have abilities that becomes stronger as times goes on throughout your play through. Their faction specific spell, goblin greed, is known for producing a lot of faction coins very quickly. Some people choose to use goblins as one of their starting factions upon reincarnation in order to unlock a lot of expensive perks early on to get a good head start on gem production.


The Undead faction doesn’t get as much love in the later game. It is arguable one of the most powerful factions…in the first day of playing realm grinder. Their perks are highly focused on leaving the game alone and never playing it. Even when you have a high production rate for offline production, it still doesn’t compare to other factions. It is recommended to play undead at least once all the way through to unlock their heritage perk that can be accessed across all factions.


The Demon faction comes and goes in term of raw power. It is similar to the good alignment’s angel faction, but slightly tweaked towards more long term goals. Some of their perks take your total trophy count into their calculation, which can make them pretty fun to play as after a lot of progress has been made.


One of the neutral factions, the Titan faction, is all about huge numbers. Their spell, lightning strike, can improve one specific building’s production by quite a lot. Also, one of their perks boosts the monastery building so that it effectively becomes the best building to upgrade. When the monastery is hit by the lightning strike spell, it’s like hitting the jackpot on a slot machine.


The other neutral faction, the Druids faction, take a lot less luck to be productive. You are rewarded for upgrading all of your buildings evenly. This is a good faction for players who want to see a steady stream of coins pouring in consistently. Their power is best used by combining all spells at once to get incredible production boosts.


The Dwarven faction is then prestige faction for all good alignment factions. This one of the most incredible factions to play as. Their perks make building upgrades cost next to nothing, and they come with some huge boosts to production. Their spell, diamond Pickaxe, takes your excavation count into it’s calculation as well as rewarding you with an increase in faction coin find chance. Paired with fairy or Elven factions, this build is a powerhouse.


The Drow faction is the prestige faction for all evil alignment factions. They have an incredible perk to boost you mana regeneration and they also come with a new spell: combo strike. Every time you cast combo strike, the production bonus you receive goes higher and higher. Eventually, you will also unlock a perk that applies the combo bonus passively. If you wanted to play a single run for a long time, then drow will be very fun for you.


The mercenary faction opens up a huge chapter in customising your playstyle. Allowing you to choose your own perks from all the other factions creates hundreds of possibilities. By the time you unlock the mercenary faction, you will undoubtedly be very familiar with all the available perks, and that makes this process that much more exciting.

This is the part where a strong game community comes in handy! You may not want to spend the time to discover which combination is the most effective. The Realm Grinder Wiki site has a page dedicated to merc builds that have been proven to be effective.


The Faceless faction are an ancient race. The features they offer become stronger over time. They offer some very strong abilities for the late-game such as the brainwave (increases production by 2% for all buildings)

They are a neutral faction

Unlocking Factions

As you continue to unlock more features, you will come across a third type of alignment. The neutral alignment. At first, you will unlock only two neutral factions. Once you unlock these factions, they will make every other faction look almost useless just because of the raw power that they present at first.

For both good and evil alignments, you will find a unique way to upgrade the faction you chose. Near the end of your first reincarnation, you will unlock a method to “prestige” your current faction.

This prestige phase allows you to tack on a special second faction on top of the faction you already chose. Each alignment has one prestige faction. Even the neutral alignment has one, but you won’t see that one for a while!


Realm Grinder features many different spells. Spells cost mana to cast and give certain benefits depending on the spell that’s being used.

There are a total of 12 faction specific spells, 3 spells available to everyone and 6 alignment spells. For a complete overview of all the spells available in Realm Grinder, you can check them out here.

Mana Regen

As we’ve mentioned before, mana is used to cast spells. Mana regenerates passively at a base rate of 1.0 mana per second. However, the mana regeneration rate and total mana capacity can be boosted through various upgrades.

For instance, the mana matrix will boost your maximum mana by 10% and the mana rain will increase your passive mana per second by 0.5.

To see a full list of mana regeneration items and mana boosting items click here.

Diamond Forge

[coming soon]

Lightning Storm

[coming soon]

Combo Strike

[coming soon]


[coming soon]


I would write a full guide right here about how you should proceed to unlocking your first reincarnation, and then what steps to take from there. Luckily, there is already an incredible and unbeatable guide written by forum user why_amihere over at the Kongregate forums. For a step-by-step guide for what to do, check out his forum post here.


[coming soon]

Buying Gift of the Heroes/Kings/Gods

If you haven’t had a chance to do so, check out the in-game shop. One of the most noteworthy purchases that are available in the shop is the permanent upgrade Gift of the Heroes.

gift of the heroes realm grinder

If you are a player that wants to tinker around and try all the different possibly faction combinations, then it may be time to realize that this game has hooked you and you should probably spend about $5 on this upgrade! It basically takes away the time you need to wait to generate enough coins and faction coins to choose a faction. The added production bonuses don’t hurt, either.

Just like anything else in this game, unlocking one upgrade will unlock the potential to unlock a stronger upgrade. Once you buy the Gift of the Heroes upgrade, you can then pay again to unlock the Gift of the Kings upgrade. This is just a much stronger version of the first upgrade, and allows you to jump into any neutral faction at the start of any abdication. And finally, you can then purchase the strongest and final upgrade, Gift of the Gods.

Numbers and Notation

In the settings section of the game, there is an option to show you three different ways to show you numbers. Short numbers will tell you the actual name of that number and will always go up to the next named number after you collect 1000 of that coin. This can become very confusing as you progress later. Scientific numbers is the most commonly used format, and is also a little bit confusing to use at first, especially if you aren’t familiar with exponents. It is a good idea to learn this, and you will get a hold of it pretty quickly. Engineering numbers are just a different format of scientific, it just multiplies the exponents on the other side. In the end, it all comes down to preference.

For a fantastic table/chart for all numbers and formats, check the page below.

All numbers and formats in a neat table for every type of notation in Realm Grinder.

Auto Clickers

Before you go reading about ways to exploit this game, I would recommend playing all the way to the point where you don’t care about the game anymore. If you’re impatient, then you should at least make a backup of your game. Using exploits in any game is a good way to ruin the experience forever.

That being said, it is worth mentioning that any game is vulnerable to exploits. Especially the ones where your save data is stored directly on your own machine. One of the simplest ways to modify your save games is to use a nifty piece ofsoftware called cheatengine. It may be a little confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s quite simple.

This game has been pretty tough to crack, but most people just make use of an autoclicker or macro to get past the really “grindy” parts of the game. You don’t need any sophisticated auto clicker or bot to play Realm Grinder. Any one will do. I’ve added a link under this paragraph to get you situated with one that I’ve been using. If you’re worried about ruining the experience by using an auto-clicker, don’t worry. It doesn’t help as much as you think!

For some more sophisticated tactics, you may want to take a moment to learn some scripting. A few lines of code with AutoIt, and you can time all your spells to go off in perfect order to maximize efficiency.