Overbuff: More Than Just An Overwatch Tracker

Overbuff.com is a stat tracking site for the game Overwatch, and it’s a fantastic tool for monitoring your stats, as well as the stats of other players to see not only where you measure up to the rest of the community, but it can be used for much more. Overwatch has a thriving eSports scene, and it’s very competitive.

How can you possibly know if you’re performing at your best, and how do you set goals to improve when you don’t know where the bar currently rests? With this website you can finally see all the data points and statistics that you could ever need to make your Overwatch practice pay higher dividends.

Playoffs Season

You can see what Hero is currently performing the best in certain match types, essentially giving you a broad look at the current meta game for this season, and give you specific roles to practice when trying to get into the more competitive scene. It can take a long time to get to the top of any game’s rankings, but that can be compounded by not knowing what your weaknesses and strengths are compared to the people you’re playing against, and what the current top tier players are doing.

Getting good is about setting goals, and practicing efficiently. The one thing any competitive player for any type of sport, or eSport, needs is hard player data.

Use Overbuff’s Premade Filters

Overbuff.com has a straightforward interface. If you need to know the overall stats of a specific hero, there’s an option for that, and sub menu interfaces to narrow down your results to specifically what you want to know are handled with simple clicks as opposed to having to type, which can save time. You can limit your results by time, such as weekly, monthly, etc. You can show results for just competitive matches, or Quickplay.

overbuff hero stats

You can filter by platform, such as seeing only PC, Xbox Live, or PlayStation Network. You can also filter by role type such as offense, defense, tank, and support. You can also filter by rank, from Bronze to Grand Master. It’s useful to help you refine your expectations, and give yourself a goal. If you’re a team manager, it can help you make sure that your players are making the most of their practice time by giving you the ability to track each one’s progress, and figure out what roles they fulfill best, and possibly fill any cracks they have in their assigned roles.

How To Implement Overbuff Statistical Data

If you’re new, start by checking the overall meta by looking at overall platform statistics, and what character’s get chosen the most, and what roles are the most in demand, and train with them. Play in Quickplay and really learn the maps and understand the heroes that see the most play in ranked matches. Once you’ve got the gist of the Heroes that are most in demand you can use the sight to see who’s at the top of the first bracket you want to dominate and see how your stats stack up against theirs and practice some more. Build your confidence and then tear up the first tier with your skills and knowledge, and when you make the transition prepare to do it all over again.

If you’re going to invest time into a game, and really try hard to get into the upper echelon of players, this website is an invaluable tool. Tracking your own performance is an excellent way to measure progress, but that progress can not be measured in a vacuum if you want to get really good. You have to measure against the people you want to surpass. Nothing will take the wind out of your sails faster than the realization that you don’t have an end goal.

Learn The Roles Faster To Increase Win Rate

The other really helpful thing that this website can do for you, other than helping you focus on what your statistical strengths and weaknesses are, is to make sure you can fulfill whatever role your team needs you to fill. Getting kicked from a match can be irritating, and slow down your progress. It can take that good vibe you had from kicking butt and taking names in the last match and potentially ruin it. Losing momentum can be just as much a progress killer as not having a goal in mind. If you don’t have a regular group of friends that play competitively you’ll have to be a member of a random squad at least once, and you don’t want to be “that person” who refuses to play anything but one role, or one hero. That’s a one way ticket to Puntsville.

overwatch orisa reinhardt objective time
Orisa and Reinhardt having much higher objective times.

If you want to get farther with your play, and improve your overall skill with any game, knowledge is power. Without knowing your own strengths and weaknesses you’ll only be able to get so far. If you don’t know what your opponents are capable of you’ll get blindsided and potentially give up an easy win that you could have grabbed with enough information. If you don’t know the hard stats of the players you want to emulate and eventually surpass, your practice sessions will only end up ultimately wasting your time. If can’t measure your progress in any meaningful way, you may end up losing heart and quit playing.

Overbuff.com is an easy to use tool that will prevent those things from being an issue. The website won’t replace your practice time, hard earned experience, or the excitement of play, but it will make sure you’re making the most of your time in game if you’re a serious competitive player.

If you want to try and start a team, it’s a great resource to see where your players are, and where they need to be to win matches. If you’re a casual player it’s also a great way to read the meta game and help you not get kicked from matches so you can spend more time playing and less time queuing for a game. There’s something for any player skill level here, and if you love playing Overwatch, then it should be bookmarked in your browser.

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