ROG – Rage of Gods Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide

ROG – Rage of Gods was released quite recently by mobile gaming studio EFUN. The game is available for both Android and iOS devices and has rapidly amassed quite a big playerbase. In today’s post we’re going to go over ROG- Rage of Gods Tips, Tricks and give you a strategy guide to get the most out of the game. Let’s get into it!

ROG- Rage of Gods features 2 main classes – the Warrior and the Assassin. You are the last guard of the Holy Realm and it’s up to you protect it. The game also features Guild Wars, Dungeons, powerful weapons, mounts, lots of quests and much more.

The classes in ROG- Rage of Gods

When you first log in to Rage of Gods you have the choice to be an assassin or a warrior. The Assassin is fast and deals tons of damage while the warrior is a more tanky class.

So, the choice is basically whether you want to focus on damage or on being tanky. If you want to be able to take a lot of hits go for the warrior class; if you want to deal tons of damage take the Assassin class.

Personally we’d recommend you to start out playing the Assassin due to the higher damage potential. However, you have more than one character slot so you can create both and see which class’s playstyle you like best.

Leveling up

When progressing through the game there are several ways to increase the power level of your character. The main way to get stronger is by leveling up. As with most RPGs the way you level up is by accumulating experience points.

When you have enough experience you’ll advance to the next level. Whenever you level up your stats increase. There are quite a large number of stats available in the game; crit chance, damage, defense, speed, dodge and many more. The higher level you reach the more experience you’ll need to reach the next level. At the start the leveling is quite fast but later it turns into quite a grind. In addition, sometimes you can’t progress through the main story line because your character is not strong enough. To overcome this you’ll have to grind experience to make your character stronger.

Ways to grind experience quickly

  • Kill high level monsters.
    High level monsters award more experience so it’s crucial to kill them.
  • As with most RPGs a good way to grind experience is by completing quests. There are several side quests in ROG- Rage of Gods which will reward you with experience for completing them. To check if you have any side quests available you can look on the left side of your screen. Below the main quests you can see all the side quests you have available. Complete the ones you have available to get access to their rewards.
  • Dungeon farming.
    Dungeon farming is another great way to get experience. In the top-center of your display you’ll see an option called “daily” in there click on EXP. From there you can see all the dungeon quests you have access to. Complete these daily dungeon quests for large experience boosts to your character.

Gearing up

If you’ve ever played an RPG before then you know how important gear is for your character. Gear can massively boost the stats of your character so having good gear is of vital importance. The game features helmets, weapons, body armor and much more.

You receive better gear from killing monsters, completing quests, doing dungeons and killing bosses. The more difficult the boss is that you defeat the stronger the gear that you’ll get will be.

But that’s not all, you also have the option to collect set bonuses. These set bonuses can only be activated once you have collected enough pieces of the set.

You can also enhance your gear. Enhancing is done by using enhance stones and gold coins on the gear you have collected. Doing this will substantially increase your power.

Furthermore, you can ascend your gear. To ascend your gear you use ascend stones.

And if that wasn’t enough you can upgrade your armor further by inlaying gems into the gem sockets. If you’ve ever played World of Warcraft this concept might seem familiar.


Another important aspect of ROG- Rage of Gods is mounts. Mounts substantially increase your travel speed. You can use your mount pretty much anywhere so they’re crucial because the map is quite big and being able to travel fast decreases the time you have to spend moving from place to place.

However, unlike most MMORPGs the mount system in ROG- Rage of Gods is a bit different. You see, in most traditional MMORPGs your mount is simply a means of travel, but in this game upgrading your mount also increases the power level of your character.

To improve the power of your mount you have to access the mount menu. From there you can gear up the mount use mount advance stones, teach it skills and activate mount skins.

There are quite a lot of different mount skins in Rage of Gods. These aren’t just cosmetic (although some of them do look very cool) they also increase your character’s power level.

Eudemon – What are they and how do you get them?

Eudemon are kind of like pets. They accompany you during your battles and help you out. They’re important because they boost your damage substantially. There are a lot of Eudemon in the game, but the first one you’ll have access to is the Vampire’s count. To get more Eudemon you have to get summon cards. You can obtain these summon cards from the boss challenge mode Eudemon.

To see a complete list of Eudemon click the Eudemon button. From there you can see them all.

Join a Guild!

We highly recommend you to join a guild. Joining a guild is not only fun for the social aspect and getting to play with others, but also increases your characters power level.

Furthermore, you’ll gain access to game features that are exclusive to people who are in a guild. These features include events, guild skills, praying and Guild Wars.

A good way to find a guild is to check the comments below this article; maybe there are people who are looking for guild members!

Offline Grinding

A convenient feature that’s present in ROG- Rage of Gods is Offline Grinding. Honestly, this feels a little unfair because you get experience even though you’re not actually playing the game. Nevertheless, it’s a good way to get passive experience so we recommend you to take advantage of it.

To access the offline grinding mode you have to tap on the arrow in the bottom left. Then tap on the + sign that’s next to Offline Grinding Time. Then use the Offline Grinding Card to make your character get experience and materials passively while you’re offline doing stuff in real life!

To get an Offline Grinding Card you have to claim the online reward in the welfare menu.


That’s all for our ROG- Rage of Gods Tips, Tricks and Strategy guide for today! We hope you found this guide helpful. If you have any other tips, tricks or suggestions that you’d like to share with the community feel free to leave a comment in the comment box down below.

Also, if you’re looking for a guild or looking for players to join your guild you can leave a comment below.

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