Bitlife – Life Simulator – The EASIEST way to become an Actor

Do you want to become an actor in Bitlife? Doing so is simpler than you might think. We’re going to explain to you exactly how to do it.

Bitlife is one of the most popular games on both Android and iOS. Released in September 2018 by mobile gaming studio Candywriter, the game allows you to lead a digital life. There are many professions in the game, and one of them is the “actor” profession. Becoming an actor is something many people want to do. But how exactly do you do that? Well, we’ve got the answer. Let’s get started.

Stat requirements for becoming an actor in Bitlife

There are 2 stat requirements for becoming an actor.

1) Good look Stats

bitlife good actor starting stats
An example of a good start if you want to become an actor.

To start off, you should check your character’s looks stat. If you’re unfortunate enough to be born without good looks, it’s best to start a new life. Keep restarting until you get a character with looks a looks stat of over 85.

You can also boost your looks stat by going to the gym, avoiding fights (from the bully event) or as a last resort by getting plastic surgery (just like in real life, there are certain risks attached to it).

However, all of this is not really worth it without having good base look stats. Therefore, if it is your goal to become an actor, it’s good to restart until you are born with good looks.

2) High Smart stats

You can boost your smart stat by going to the library, studying hard in school, avoiding drugs and alcohol.

Note: There is no specific schooling or education required to become an actor!


Steps to follow to become an actor in Bitlife

bitlife actor accepted

  1. As we’ve said, you need good looks and high smart stats to become an actor. This means you might have to start a new life if your look stat is not high enough.
  2. Once you have good looks and high smart stats go to the job board and look for the voice over actor job.
  3. Apply for the voice over job, if you have good looks, smarts and happiness it shouldn’t be an issue to get hired.
  4. Once you get the voice over job, word hard on it and eventually you’ll get promoted to actor!

Can I become famous as an actor in Bitlife?

Yes, you can become famous as an actor, and being an actor is actually one of the most consistent ways to become famous. If you’d like to learn more about fame in Bitlife, check out our guide.

No voiceover actor job available?

bitlife actor

If there’s no voice over vacancy available on the job listings take advantage of this neat trick:

  • Close the application
  • Restart it
  • Check the job listings again

Following this process will reset all the jobs that are available. Just keep doing this until the voice over job becomes available.

That’s all there is to it to becoming an actor in Bitlife! We told you it would be simple. Now, go follow the steps and get that acting job you’ve always wanted!


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