Bitlife – The Ultimate guide to getting Famous [Unlocking, Increasing & Maintaining fame]

There’s a ribbon in Bitlife to be earned for becoming famous. However, there’s much more you can do with fame than just earning a ribbon. Being famous makes it easy to become rich and unlock many achievements (mainly all the ones that have to do with money). But how exactly do you become famous and how do you maintain your fame? Worry not, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about fame in Bitlife.

Unlocking the fame percentage bar

bitlife fame percentage bar

Unlocking the fame percentage bar is quite easy. Unlike all the other status bars (happiness, health, looks and smarts) it is not unlocked at the start. Follow these steps to unlock it. Choose on of the professions that you want to become famous in and follow the steps below. If your main goal is becoming famous, we recommend you to go with actor because it’s the easiest.

Becoming a famous actor

  1. Become an actor.
  2. Keep being an actor until you get promoted to lead actor/movie star.
  3. Now you will have unlocked the fame percentage bar.

Becoming a famous writer

  1. Become a writer.
  2. Keep writing for 20 years.
  3. Get lucky and become famous.

Becoming a famous celebrity chef

  1. Become a chef.
  2. Go through all the promotions.
  3. Keep working hard (optionally use social media) to become a celebrity chef.

You can also unlock the fame percentage bar by getting a lot of followers on social media but it’s easiest to do as an actor.

Increasing your fame

When you first unlock the “fame” state it will be quite low. Luckily increasing it isn’t too difficult. Do these steps to increase your fame.

  1. Post on Social Media twice a year.
  2. Get verified on Social Media. You should do this when you have around 30-50k followers. The reason for this is that if your verified status gets removed you will lose a ton of fame, so it’s best not to do it too early.
  3. Work extra hard at your job.
  4. On the “fame” management section, do tasks like show host. This won’t give you any money, but it will increase your fame significantly.
  5. Maintain your “looks” stat.
  6. Write books.

If you follow these steps increasing your fame will be a piece of cake. Now, onto maintaining your fame.

Maintaining your fame level

As you get older (and sadly more irrelevant) your fame has a tendency to go down. However, if you follow these steps it doesn’t have to.

  1. Do talk shows. Talk shows are a very good way to maintain your fame. However, you can only do them when you’re above 90% fame so try to stay above that threshold.
  2. Keep posting on Social Media.
  3. Keep your looks up.
  4. Do commercials. Commercials are a very good way to both earn money AND maintain your fame. Definitely take advantage of them.


That’s all there is to it to unlocking, increasing and finally maintaining your fame. If you follow these steps you can ascend to stardom in no time.

If you have any other tips, tricks or suggestions regarding to fame levels in Bitlife feel free to type a comment in the comment section. We’d be glad to hear from you.

Good luck!


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