Build the Ultimate Dark Souls 3 Character using Cheat Engine

Create the character of your dreams without having to put the time in. This simple technique allows you to create and build a character that you can take online.

We’ll take you through the setup and tell you why and how this works in Dark Souls 3. To get started, you’re going to need to download and install Cheat Engine, as well as the Dark Souls 3 Cheat Engine Table which is just a file that has all the cheats pre-programmed.

Download Cheat Engine

I’m going to give you links for two versions of Cheat Engine. This is because a lot of people have been saying that version 6.6 has been proven to work with Dark Souls 3, and the newer version has had issues. I would recommend getting version 6.6, but if the newer version works for you, even better.

Version 6.6 (Recommended)

Version 6.8.1

Finding a Cheat Engine Table

A cheat table is just a fancy name for the file that has all of the cheats on it. This is a file that is made in Cheat Engine, for Cheat Engine. This has all of the memory addresses stored in a way that allows other users to manipulate them easily.

Luckily for us, the very active community for Dark Souls 3 has developed a tried and true cheat engine table.

Head over to igromanru’s github release page to download the latest  Dark Souls 3 cheat engine table.

A Safe Way to Avoid a Ban

Since most people who are using this method to cheat are going to end up going online, there has to be some way to keep the playing field fair for legit players. There are a few security checks that could result in your account getting banned.

Stop immediately if you aren’t sure of what you’re doing. READ CAREFULLY TO AVOID A BAN.

  • Only use Cheat Engine when offline.
  • Run the game in “Windowed Mode”
  • Use an account that is not your main account
  • Link to the Dark Souls 3 process, not the window.exe
  • Wait a couple of seconds between every change

It appears that the way people get banned depends on the severity of the cheating that they’ve done. There is about 5 different “ban levels” you can receive, and most of them involve having to delete your character.

Now that you’ve been warned, we can get to the good stuff.

Link the Cheat Engine Table to Dark Souls 3

This is a fairly simple process, and it should only take about 5 seconds.

  1. Launch Dark Souls 3
  2. Load your character.
  3. Pick up any 1 item.
  4. Launch Cheat Engine.
  5. Open the cheat table file. (Check the picture below)
dark souls 3 cheat engine
This is what your Cheat Engine window should look like.

Next, click on the little computer icon on the top left the the Cheat Engine window. It should be glowing. It will bring up a smaller window with a list of applications.

Find the process for the Dark Souls 3 application. Click on it so it is selected, and click “Attach Debugger to Process”.

Lastly, click on the checkbox under the “Active” tab for the cheat table.

dark souls 3 cheat engine table
Click the checkbox.

And that’s it! You’re ready to start using the cheats.

Item Swap Cheat

This is realistically the most useful cheat that you will see in the cheat table. You may have seen a small detail during the setup process that might have left you scratching your head.

Why did you have to pick up one item before attaching the cheat table?

To understand why you need one item in your inventory, you need to understand how memory addresses work. To continue with this cheat, it is actually a pretty important detail.

Let me explain.

When you pick up an item, the game uses an Item ID to tell the game what item the character has in their inventory. This Item ID is stored in your computer’s memory. When you can access where that Item ID is stored, you can simply swap the value, and enter the Item ID for a much better item.

Okay, okay, let’s just do it already!

Opening the cheat table gives you a big list of cheats to use. From that list, select “Helpers”. This opens another list of options. Out of that list, select “Item Swap”.

dark souls 3 item swap

Notice the several “??” double question marks as the value. This is where we are going to do a lot of item swapping.

Go into your Dark Souls game, and drop the item you picked up earlier. Now, go back to Cheat Engine.

The question marks data is now populated with the values for the item you dropped. In Cheat Engine, double click on the item’s name. This will bring up a dialog box.

In this box, you can search for whatever item you desire.

Note: Some item searches will return multiple results with the same name. It is highly recommended that you always choose the first item in the list.

Selecting the item from this dialog box will select all the relevant data values for you. You will then need to select “Copy ItemID”. This puts the Item’s ID value in your clipboard.

Next, double click on the Item ID value in the cheat table. This brings up another dialog box that will ask you for a value. Paste the ItemID that you just copied and click “Ok”.

For more of the same item, just change the “Quantity” to whatever you want. There is a limit to how much you can hold at once, so you should probably keep this number in the low hundreds.

What did this just do?

This changed the ItemID value for every item you pick up. No matter what item you picked up, the game will think it’s the value you’ve set for it. If you go back into your game and picked up the item, you would receive the item that you chose from the search box.

I get an error. What gives?

There is a good chance that the item you chose can’t be picked up. There are a lot of items that have this property. If you chose an item out of a list of items that share the same name, try a different one from the list. Some ItemIDs work, some don’t.

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